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  1. cmayna

    MES heating problem

    Robert, I had access to the heating element in my MES40 and thus connected a power cord directly to the heating element. The other end of the power cord now plugs into back of the Auber PID. The heat sensor wire of the Auber runs down into the exhaust vent, into the chamber of the MES40...
  2. cmayna

    MES heating problem

    Robert, Welcome to SMF. What model do you have? As an option, I would consider doing the Auber PID controller mod instead of just replacing your current controller. There are tons of threads about this. Here's a link to a recent thread. Otherwise consider doing a search under "Auber...
  3. cmayna

    I Can't Find Our Sponsors

    This thread is what I've been wanting to post for all I've been seeing lately is inkbird, inkbird and inkbird. It would be nice to help promote other established sponsors as well.
  4. cmayna

    A couple more. Keep your chins up folks!

  5. cmayna

    A couple more. Keep your chins up folks!

  6. cmayna

    Propane grill recommendations.

    I'm in a very similar situation with my old gasser grill. I'm considering a weber Genesis or spirit series with a side burner.
  7. cmayna

    What'd I do wrong?! HELP!

    Good smoker but still highly recommend a separate wireless digital thermometer. Also a fan (as recommended) to help circulate the air.
  8. cmayna

    What'd I do wrong?! HELP!

    mojo, What brand/model smoker do you have? I would get a wireless thermometer such as a Thermoworks smoke series.
  9. cmayna

    Did I mess up?

    You can always send me a couple blocks and I'll do a taste test for you. :emoji_blush: But seriously, I let mine sit in the fridge unwrapped for 8+ hours to overnite and then vacuum seal them.
  10. cmayna

    What'd I do wrong?! HELP!

    Mojo, What do you mean by "gross"? What type of marinade did you use? How long was it marinaded? Did you smoke the entire 5 hours? I typically smoke for just 2 hours and then dehydrate for 4 hours. If I don't want a smoke flavor, I will then dehydrate at 165 for 6 hours. This is using...
  11. cmayna

    Featured Buffalo Wings

    Awesome wings Disco. Like!
  12. cmayna

    Confined Smoke

    John, Is the charcoal under the Amazen tube or under the meat drip pan? or both?
  13. cmayna

    Chips or chunks

    Assuming there is room for the AMNPS. What if the OP has say a little chief ?
  14. cmayna

    MES 40 Not Heating...

    Good for you. Very glad I flipped mine.
  15. cmayna

    How to Build a Mailbox Mod for an MES Smoker (pic heavy)

    Good for you. You can continually tweak your setup until you find the sweet spot. Just work on shortening the tube and whatever you feel you need to keep, keep it as level as possible between the mailbox and the smoker. A little incline to the smoker would be optimum.
  16. cmayna

    How to Build a Mailbox Mod for an MES Smoker (pic heavy)

    A problem with using a small fan in the duct or in the mailbox, or at the exhaust vent of the MES is that the blades of the fan will get very gooey from the smoke. This adds weight to the blades as well. Kevin, looking at your reply #53 pics, I would find a way to shorten the flex duct line...
  17. cmayna

    Smoked Salmon Chowder

    Looks mighty tasty. I made some last week since we've been having lots of rain. Perfect for nasty weather.
  18. cmayna

    MES 40 Not Heating...

    I'm sure Auber's website will tell you why the WS-1211gph is good for the Bradley. I bet you could call them tomorrow as to why. I use the WS-1510ELPM with my MES40 and love it.
  19. cmayna

    What precautions are you taking for Corona Virus

    Just trying to keep it light........
  20. cmayna

    What precautions are you taking for Corona Virus

    Went to our local Safeway market for a couple items, but when I saw the amount of people standing in lines with overly stuffed carts, I walked out. Not THAT important. I have two freezers full of fish to keep us fed and have plenty of backside wipes.
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