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  1. fivetricks

    Posts suddenly "awaiting moderator approval"

    I suppose the title says it all. When I post, i get that msg.. either something is wrong, or I've been put on some sort of unknown probation? Even this thread has it.
  2. fivetricks

    Anyone that has or wants Spotify premium

    Spotify is giving away free Google home Mini's to any new or or existing Spotify premium customers. You just have to login you existing Spotify info on Spotify's site or sign up for premium services if you wish. Now thru like November 13th I think (while supplies last) they say. I signed up...
  3. fivetricks

    Chicken Paprikash

    Something a bit different for a Sunday.. this is a random dish I made a long time ago and for whatever reason has become my daughter's favorite dish for me to make for her. Since I'm the weekend chef off we went. Firs things first. Grab your favoritist (and largest) cast iron. Toss enough oil...
  4. fivetricks

    Smoked delicacies...

    A question for the community as it were. I by no means consider myself as having "perfected" any one particular smoking staple whether it swim, run, or fly but I find myself lacking inspiration lately having hit a bit of a rut doing the traditional fare as of late. So here's the question...
  5. fivetricks

    A labor day weekend smorgasbord (Heavy Q-Vue)

    Hello all; yet another Labor Day thread :-) Didn't know exactly where to post this as it covers 3 of Old McDonald's farm animals. Feel free to move where ever you choose. Friday was Wings and Chili's braised belly on the UDS. 350 temps running hickory and cherry chunks. I've started burning...
  6. fivetricks

    Quick wings for a friend

    Had a friend commission (use) me for a 150pc order of wings for his fantasy draft. UDS 360 for an hour (two racks), then rotate the racks and ended up finishing at close to 275 for another 40 ish mins. Nothing special, just a Sunday wing ding thing :-) In the pan: On the racks...
  7. fivetricks

    Calculations (and my other newb questions)

    I'm hoping I can keep my newb-ish questions confined to one thread :-) Today's question: calculating ratios of lean v fat. I have 2925g of "lean" cut up (store bought) pork butt. The fatty pile in the "fat" bowl came to 465g. In order to bring this meat up to a 70/30 ratio, I need how much...
  8. fivetricks

    They got me good today...

    As much as I complain about not being able to find good meat in my area of Michigan, one of the benefits I suppose is that I work 10 minutes from Butcher and Packer. Popped in there today finally. They got me good. 132 bucks worth of good :-) this is a catalog I did NOT need in my life! So...
  9. fivetricks

    Ease my nervous mind :-) (mes 20070910)

    I've owned my Gen1 for about 3 years. On Sunday it suddenly wouldn't heat past 80 or so degrees. There were no concerning smells being put off by the unit. So that's good anyways. Ok, so I took it apart in search of a reason why. Upon inspection of the PCB, thermostat, snap-disc, wire, and...
  10. fivetricks

    Lamb Ribs

    Ok, for starters. Should list the tools first. 1. UDS, which btw gave me trouble with running away on me from jump street. SO, t'was 3 ish hours in the UDS @ 240-280 degrees, then I panned, foiled, and rammed that sucker into the oven for the rest. I hate to admit that, but it's true. RO...
  11. fivetricks

    Signatures on phone?

    Am I not able to see signatures when browsing on the phone? Ok, let me re-word that. Is it normal to not see signatures when browsing the site on mobile. I feel like I'm missing out on good links :-D I have the show signatures box checked, idk.
  12. fivetricks

    Anova wifi sous vide 50% off

    On Amazon today for cyber Monday :-)
  13. fivetricks

    A Chili/Jeff London Broil

    A friend tried some Top round roast I made a few weeks ago and was totally in love with it. So he asked me if I would make one for him. I told him, no problem. Buy the meat and I'll take care of the rest. So he shows up with a London broil steak :-) . After my initial mockery of him , I told...
  14. fivetricks

    Advice on smoking a duck

    So I'm going to take a shot at smoking a duck this weekend. Simple grocery store duck. Will post pics as they happen Will be doing it on a gen1 mes30. What I've gathered so far, please feel free to correct me on any of this Score the skin, finish skin on broiler. Smoke at higher temps...
  15. fivetricks

    My MES30 got a new toy today

    Tbqh, I was worried about the fractional returns with such a long draft. It's about 65" total on the diagonal. But the draft improvement has been great. I run a mailbox mod, with a damper and lower holes drilled in the door. More and more I had been having Backdraft issues depending on how the...
  16. fivetricks

    Q's on Improving a block pit smoker

    Hello friends. Can't tell you the time I've spent on your wonderful forum. More of a reader than a writer as you can tell by my poor post count. Anywho. I built a large-ish block smoker for doing whole hogs, large amounts of food for big party's, etc. Pit in total by fivetricks posted Aug 27...
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