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  1. solar

    Lost My Premier Membership Status ?

    I just realised that I don't seem to have my Memebership anymore, no more green user name, I guess it got lost during the crash. Is there a way this can be reinstated? Thanks, Brian
  2. solar

    How To Fab a Charcoal Basket For Your SnP

    I had posted this same thread a few months ago but it got lost in the crash, so I'll try to repost it from memory, which can be a little sketchy . First thing I did was fab a template out of cardboard and fit it in the fire box. I roughly measured the inside diam and figured I'd add 3" for the...
  3. solar

    Any Ideas For a Cheap Smoke This Weekend?

    I want to smoke some red meat this weekend, but want to get something somewhat cheap. Something around 4 pounds but under $20. Any ideas?
  4. solar

    Is It A Pork Loin or Fattie? w/Qview

    So what do you think it is? If you guessed a Pork Loin, you're right!! I bought a 2 lb split pork loin Sunday and marinaded it in a Chipotle mixture. I wanted to cook them as one piece, I thought about using toothpicks or butchers twine, but thought, why not bacon? Using Capt Dan's said...
  5. solar

    Tri Tip Part Duex with Qview

    I'm really liking these Tri Tips, after smoking one last week, I knew that I needed a good piece of meat to feed the guys coming over for the Bucs game. I found a good butcher thanks to Vlap, (Oneco's Meats) that hand picks and tirms them for you. I got a 2.6 pounder, and it's like butter. My...
  6. solar

    Tri-Tip w/Qview, I Found Smoking Nirvana

    If you've never smoked a Tri-Tip (TT) I suggest you put it on your list, this was one of the best smokes I've done so far. My friend is from California and he couldn't talk enoug about TT's, so I found one and did it. I bought a 2½ lb TT and soaked it in a basic marindae for 24 hours. Sliced up...
  7. solar

    Anyone Heard From Vlap?

    I've noticed that Vlap hasn't been around the boards lately. He turned me on to a great local butcher shop near my office that I've been going to lately for my meats. I just realised that when I was there earlier today to pick up my Tri-Tip that I might have ran into his dad, (Mr Martin?)...
  8. solar

    Tri-Tip This Weekend, Any Tips? (no pun intended)

    I read richoso1 thread about tri-tip, and I thought why not do one this weekend? I'm picking up a Tri-Tip from my local butcher Oneco's Meats, I've never cooked a TT before, I've only had it once when I was in California, and was great. I know it's only about a 2lb piece of meat so I'm...
  9. solar

    3 Racks BB's and Dutch's Baked Beans w/Qview

    I rubbed up three full racks of BB's and a fattie to start with Saturday. I ended up using a 2½-2½ method and it worked great. After 2½ hours the fattie was done, foiled the ribs and added the beans to the smoker. After another hour I added the rest of my mopping mixture to the ribs as...
  10. solar

    French Toast and Scrambled Egg Breakfast Fattie w/Qview

    I've been on a mad Sunday morning French Toast kick, so I thought, why not make some FT into a fattie. I made 2 slices of FT the usual way and let them rest while I scrambled some eggs with cheese. Then using Capt Dan's (should be a patent directions) I diced up the FT and drizzled some mayple...
  11. solar

    Houston TX In my thoughts

    I sure hope that everyone in that area is safe, Ike's a huge storm, my thought's out out them.
  12. solar

    Prepped BB's for Saturday Q-view

    I picked up 3 full racks and prepped and rubbed them for tomorrow. I've done BB's once before using the 2-2-1 method but it was just one rack divided in two and it just wasn't enough. I liked the way they came out but I have a feeling a full rack will be better. (?) So Saturday I'm going for...
  13. solar

    Pull The Membrane on Baby Backs?

    I have 3 nice full slabs of BB's that I just prepped for tomorrow, and I was wondering what the consensus was about pulling the membrane? I've always done it with my past and have now, but was wondering what others do.
  14. solar

    Dumb Question, Just Wondering

    How many people here cut back on smoking once the fall season arrives? I know a lot of people on this site live up north and was wondering if the cold weather; slows you down, stays the same, or do you welcome it?
  15. solar

    Can't Get Temps Up High Enough w/Basket

    I have a Brinkmann SnP with mods, I bought one of those Char Broil shaker baskets that others have used on this site with success. I put one chimney of un-lit RO in the basket with two chimney's of lit on top. Even with the firebox vent wide open and the stack vent wide open (always) I...
  16. solar

    It's My First Fattie ala Meatloaf w/Qview

    First fattie using Capt Dan's technique, (look for the should be sticky) and my meatloaf recipe. I made a regular meatloaf and a Fattie Meatloaf w/ cheese by spliting the recipe in half, one with the veggies mixed in the meat, and the other as a Fattie. Here they are in all their 1½ hr glory...
  17. solar

    My Fantastic Meatloaf Recipe

    This is a meatloaf my uncle use to serve at his restaurant, we never had any leftover, it was always a huge hit on Friday nights special. It took me a while to figure out a smaller portion of mixture because we did about 20lbs at a time. I've made this about 30 times so far and I guarentee...
  18. solar

    ATTN!! Tampa Area Lowe's Shoppers

    Lowe's is basically giving away items in the seasonal section. Accu Rite probe therms for $3.74 I bought four of them. They had the Charbroil Shaker basket that a few here have converted into a charcoal basket for $6.99, I bought 2. Large outdoor Timex porch thermometers, with clock and...
  19. solar

    Labor Day Weekend, What's Ya Smokin'

    I just realised this morning that Labor Day is this weekend, I was thinking of taking a Saturday off from smoking, but how can you when you have a long weekend? I'm thinking about doing a meatloaf, and a fattie, since I've covered most of the meat groups except turkey, so I thought I'd give it...
  20. solar

    1st Butt w/ Qview

    Hey everyone, looks like there's a couple of us smoking butts today. I went and prepped the butt last night, I bought it Wednesday from Oneco's and they vacuum sealed for me so it wouldn't spoil. Funny thing was when I unwrapped it, I saw all this black all over the meat, I started to freak...
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