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  1. rexster314

    Canadian Bacon Today

    Two whole pork loins cured for 3 weeks, smoking them today on my 560 grill, slicing tomorrow
  2. rexster314

    Family Fajitas Feast

    Did a crapload of fajitas on the MB 560 today. Smoked an hour on it, then grilled off at 650 deg. Had marinated them with dry rub for 4 days.
  3. rexster314

    Canadian Bacon Done On The 560 GF

    Cured these pork loins for 3 weeks. Smoking them in the 560 today.
  4. rexster314

    Fifth Day of Masterbuilt 560

    Tonight was the 5th evening meal in a row. Will there be a 6th? Grilled salmon over pecan coals, jambalaya and garlic/butter rice Perfection.........
  5. rexster314

    Prime Rib on the Masterbuilt 560

    Got a 4 rib Prime Rib rubbed with SPG going this afternoon. Slow cooking @ 230 till it reaches 125. Then I'll crank up the temp and sear the outside. Got some rice pilaf ready to go, and homemade rolls proofing. Later make up some au jus and dig in.
  6. rexster314

    Masterbuilt 560 Wi-Fi

    Seems there's a problem with some people and setting up a wi-fi connection with their 560 smoker. The location of the antenna leaves a LOT to be desired. Some people on the Facebook groups have resorted to wi-fi extenders mounted near the smoker. I decided to go a different route and change the...
  7. rexster314

    First Brisket on the Masterbuilt 560 GF

    Put on the brisket first thing this morning around 7 am. Set temp to 240 deg. Waited till it hit the target, then put on the brisket that was rubbed and seasoned yesterday. Hickory chunks in the ash can and more layered with the BB hickory lump. At 2pm, it was past the stall, at 185 and I...
  8. rexster314

    Fajitas on Masterbuilt 560 GF

    Third cook on the grill tonight. Fajita steak, grilled onions, corn and flour tortillas on the top rack Cranked the temps up to 600 deg. Meat on the grill, great grill marks and seared perfectly to medium rare. A few scraps of meat left for the cat. Corn and flour tortillas on the upper rack
  9. rexster314

    First Cook For The Masterbuilt Gravity Smoker

    Got baked beans going in the upper rack at the time of the video. Cooking/smoking at 360 deg. I lowered the temp to 260 when the beans hit 200 deg and put on a full rack of St Louis ribs. Added a lot more hickory wood chunks and am looking at two more hours for the ribs and beans to finish. So...
  10. rexster314

    My MB 560 Gravity Feed Smoker

    Today I was sitting nonchalantly at my computer and my wife came in and asked me "do you want that smoker?" I had posted a picture of the new MB on Facebook a day or two ago and said it looked interesting. Any way, we danced around it a couple of minutes, telling her it was 500 bucks and all...
  11. rexster314

    Sandrin Nakiri Knife

    This was offered up on Kickstarter a couple of months ago. I'm a sucker for knives and the buy in was reasonable. It arrived several says ago, and it has the appearance of a great knife. It arrived crazy sharp. I've used it to slice up some vegetables for the trinity and it performed very well...
  12. rexster314

    Masterbuilt 40"

    Ok, so I already had 2 of these suckers I bought over 2 years ago. I use them mainly for cold smoking my home cured bellies and every other month or so I hot smoke canadian bacon. I like the 40" models as the cooking grates can hold a full belly. So I've been doing so many bellies at once I...
  13. rexster314

    New Chainsaw

    It is on topic, guys. I got tired of the gas Echo saw I've had for a number of years. Main use was cutting up logs for my stick burner and occasional use for upstart trees. It got to where I didn't know if it would start from week to week, and day to day. I'd throw my back out at least once a...
  14. rexster314

    Umai Beef

    I had to try the Umai method of aging meat. I bought a Costco prime strip loin on April 9th and began a 30 day aging process. Coming along nicely, it's lost a shade over a pound of moisture since then. Today, one of our local grocers advertised bone-in prime rib roast at 6.99/lb and I jumped on...
  15. rexster314

    Masterbuilt 40" smoker

    Has anyone ever seen replacement grills for these smokers in stainless steel? Getting tired of the rust on the chrome plated grills.
  16. rexster314

    Brisket on the Masterbuilt Gasser

    18 pound brisket on the 40" Masterbuilt gasser. Charcoal briquets in the iron skillet method with pecan smoke. Seasoned only with salt and pepper the night before. 8 hours total, 3 with smoke, then wrapped in pink butcher paper the remainder. Nice smoke ring and bark.
  17. rexster314

    Thermoworks Smoke

    I know there's a newer version out, but Thermoworks has the Smoke on sale for 79$. I bought a red one because red is more responsive. As it ended up, I also won a NIB Smoke unit on eBay the same day. I had forgotten about my using Auction Sniper on that and didn't think about it till I got the...
  18. rexster314

    Rotisserie Motor

    I started roasting coffee a couple of months ago on my Kitchenaid gas grill. The K/A rotisserie kit works well, but it's too slow for roasting coffee, and the beans can get roasted a little too much if you're not careful. I found this rotisserie motor on Amazon that seemed to be the fix for...
  19. rexster314

    95 lbs of belly done

    95 more in the smokers at the moment.
  20. rexster314

    Beer Kegerator

    Got this off one of the local bbb's couple of days ago for $40. It's got a Heineken keg in it now and I have a nice wheat beer waiting in the fridge for the next one. Lots of people don't care for Heineken, but it's one of my favorites. (I like Lone Star as well)
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