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  1. solar

    New 26inch Weber kettle

    They want $300 for one? Holy **** I paid $100 for my 22.5 One Touch Gold 5 years ago, don't know it the extra 4" is worth $200. I've had no problems with room on my 22.5, turkeys, BB ribs, chickens, etc. (see avatar). The ash pan is awesome!! Makes clean up so much easier than trying to sweep...
  2. solar

    Does anyone have one of the Kingsford kettles?

    I've seen them, and you get what you pay for. IMO a 18½" grill is just to small, you're really limited to what you can put on it. But if you're really on a tight budget, $40 isn't a bad deal, just make sure you keep it out of the rain. Also check the newpaper for any used grills, I found my...
  3. solar

    Sirloin Tip Roast, Smoked and served Medium-Rare - qview along the way

    Looks great, very nice looking plated picture! I did one just a few weeks ago, came out great, maybe I should repost it since it got lost?
  4. solar

    Lost My Premier Membership Status ?

    Thanks, Jeanie, not sure I want to bother Brian right now, seems like he has his hands full right now. I couldn't find a way to PM Jeff, so I'm hopeing he will see this. Looks like you have your membership activated, your user name is green.
  5. solar

    Lost My Premier Membership Status ?

    I just realised that I don't seem to have my Memebership anymore, no more green user name, I guess it got lost during the crash. Is there a way this can be reinstated? Thanks, Brian
  6. solar

    How To Fab a Charcoal Basket For Your SnP

    How is yours different? Is your SnP a newer one? I think mine was built in the late 90's.
  7. solar

    Site update 2/18/09

    Nice to know there's a few people out there that still do things because they want to, not because they have to. Thanks Brian
  8. solar

    new to the sit...got questions on temps

    Welcome!! It all depends on how hot you can get your smoker. If the element can get the smoker up to 220° and keep it there, you should be fine. You question about your roast depends on how big the roast was, if it was a 2lb roast, then it shouldn't take 7 hours, if it was a 6 lb roast...
  9. solar

    Thinking about getting a Silver Smoker

    Cool deal, I have a SnP with a heat baffle and sand filled "heat sink" but I hate the chimney extention because it blocks out a bunch of cooking grate area. Maybe I could get my local exhaust shop to weld me up a stack like yours.
  10. solar

    Thinking about getting a Silver Smoker

    Great looking mods Smoking Dick!! The only question I have is the smoke stack is so low that won't most of the heat and smoke run across the bottom instead of moving up into the smoking chamber?
  11. solar

    How To Fab a Charcoal Basket For Your SnP

    I had posted this same thread a few months ago but it got lost in the crash, so I'll try to repost it from memory, which can be a little sketchy . First thing I did was fab a template out of cardboard and fit it in the fire box. I roughly measured the inside diam and figured I'd add 3" for the...
  12. solar


    Yes the "How To" on the basket got lost in the crash, I'll post some photos in a few. EDIT: I'll do one even better, here's a new thread. http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...580#post281580
  13. solar

    Last 4 bags of RO

    Those are the brickets, not lump, that stuff is more like Kingsford, which will produce more ash than lump. I picked up 6 bags of RO yesterday at wally world for $6.37 each, what makes me mad is the same bags of RO on the same pallet were going for $5.19 just a month or so ago. I know it was...
  14. solar

    Some Smoked Oyster's fer Solar!

    Looks like I gots me some competition, those things look wonderful, you better hope I don't meet Miss Louie, I might just sweep her right out from under you. LOL Nice Job!!
  15. solar

    SMF is Back.

    Yippie!!! I have a couple of backed up Qviews I need to get out of my system. Thanks Jeff and Brian for all your work!!
  16. solar

    Tap, Tap, Tap, is this thing on!!!

    Looks like I can put my alter ego away for awhile, glad to see the site back up and looking strong.
  17. solar

    How would you do your Prime Rib

    That's a pretty big prime rib!
  18. solar

    Tomorrows Fatty ready to smoke Qview

    Nices catch there Gene!! Can't roll up pretty fatties like Brandsbay's without some good beer.
  19. solar

    To the salmonheads at the SMF

    You can pull the bones out after it's done, it's just harder to do because you want to sit down and eat!! Looking forward to some Qview If you have any leftovers, smoked salmon makes some great fish spread. 1 filet to one block of cream cheese is a good porportion, chopped celery, onions and...
  20. solar

    some good info on the searing subject

    The only meat I like to sear is a prime rib.
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