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  1. wolfmann

    Upright smoker

    Finished a great upright insulated smoker. 
  2. wolfmann

    New smoker build FINISHED

    I am building a new smoker. This one is 6 foot long 24 inch pipe and a 24 by 24 inch firebox. Here are some pictures of what I have done.
  3. wolfmann

    Great source for spring handles

    I bought SS Spring Handles of of e-bay and they are great. No shipping and the handles are $8.54. The dealer info is bobeickhoff and his on line store is BBQ STUFF 4 U. I thought i just share my find with you guys.
  4. wolfmann

    Building a new Smoker (DONE)

    I am building a new Smoker with a vertical box. Couple of days in to the build and so far so good. The box is only sitting on the smoker hanging from the lift to check it out. I still have a lot of detail work to do before I weld it in place...
  5. wolfmann

    New grill build

    I just finished the build on this grill/fireplace. The top swings out of the way plus it is easy to just lift off completely if you just want to use it as a fireplace. Let Me know what you guys think. This one is 36" diameter with 9" tall wall.
  6. wolfmann

    Dutch oven table

    I build a dutch oven table but the guy lost his job so now I post it here see if I can sell it before I cut it up in to a cooker.
  7. wolfmann

    20" by 36" Smoker Relisted

    I am selling a new smoker I just finished building. This is a heavy smoker the pipe is 3/8" and the bottom of the firebox is 1/2" thick. I have to relist the deal did not work out.
  8. wolfmann

    Table for dutch cooker

    I build this table for a guy that is in to dutch oven cooking but lost his job and could not pay. So I have this table and was wondering if it is good for what he wanted it and is there anybody interested in buying it. Thanks for any info.
  9. wolfmann

    Building a couple of 20" smokers (Done)

    Two days in to the build. I have the end capped and welded up. Made the legs and welded them to the smoker. Everything is ground down and polished out.  Even the caps on the bottom of the legs are done. Had a good day today. Also in the back is my new metal rack made from scrap i got at work.
  10. wolfmann

    Utility Trailer rebuild

    I found a good deal on a very used trailer. Well I figured I could improve on the trailer I ended up cutting it down on the rail so it is either to lift stuff on to the trailer. I replaced the U channel since it was bend and replace the coupler. Cut off the wheel wells and made my own from...
  11. wolfmann


    Is there a section in the forum to post other builds. I totally rebuild a utility trailer and wanted to post some pictures to get some feed back.
  12. wolfmann

    Dutch Oven Table

    I was ask if I could build a Dutch Oven Table. Well thanks to the Internet I was able to figure out what that was. LOL Here are a couple of pictures what i came up with. He also wanted to be able to move it easier. So I build it so it sits on the frame and can be taken off by just lifting it of...
  13. wolfmann

    Hello from Texas

    HI My name is Heinz and I live in the great state of Texas. I have been smoking and grilling for over 30 years and still enjoy it every time i fire up the equipment. I started building smokers and pits a little over a year ago and enjoy it very much. I will add a couple of pictures to this...
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