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  1. texas bbq

    How build a propane smoker like a "suthern Pride " model ?

    Hi, need some help. I´m looking for a construction plan to build a propane smoker like a "southern pride" model. We can´t buy southern pride here in Europe, no dealer , and we have to pay the double price for a smoker because of the tax and shipping. Maybe, somebody have a plan about a...
  2. texas bbq

    US Black Angus Brisket

    My fisrt Angus Brisket, but not my last. Cheers
  3. texas bbq

    Pocetta italian stuffed Pork

    Yetserday i tryed a new BBQ dish, called "Pocetta". A Porkbelly stuffed with Onions, Garlic, rosemary and thyme. Pastrami and Pocetta, no pics from finished Pastrami, because it was for my brother-in-low and his Grillparty. Godd morning See you...
  4. texas bbq

    BBQ Back yard Party with my new broil King KEG

    We had a party and i tryed my new KEG. I love it, because it´s simple to use and got a lot of features. Organic Galloway Beef topping with swiss and blue cheese 2 pound special Burger  stuffed Potatos and stuffed Figs with goat cheese and spain ham US Beef Sirloin Brisket...
  5. texas bbq

    Duroc Pork with Mc&Cheese

    Just for the lunch i maked Duroc Pork. Is a mix from Spain and US Pork. I love Mc&Cheese with my own cheese mix with swiss cheese and we call it this in Germany "Obazda" is a bit of kind cream cheese here in southern germany. Is a local stuff. Cheers
  6. texas bbq

    Mixed BBQ and Grill Plate

    Yesterday i made my BBQ plate. A kind of Myron Mixxon cup cake chicken, Veggies with blue and swiss cheese, Chicken wings, Beef Loin Ribs and Pastrami from a Pork neck ( i know Pastrami and Pork is difficult, but i did ;-) ) Chicken skin Cup cake chicken Beef Rib and Pork...
  7. texas bbq

    Cherry dry rub BEEF Loin Ribs

    Herer my first cherry dry rub ribs. was nearly perfect, but i missed the cherry flavour. I used 25% cheery powder and 75% other stuff. Side order Plate with white bacon and ham from russia Cheers
  8. texas bbq

    BBQ Pulled Lamb & griended BBQ Lamb and Pork with 2 times fried cheese french fries

    Her my grill dairy. First Pulled Lamb shoulder with BBQ tomato/zucchini/onion pan. One day later, griended BBQ Lamb and pork on the Wood plank with 2 times fried blue and swiss cheese french fries. Cheers, enjoy your weekend.
  9. texas bbq

    My first dreyd smoked sausage with garlic flavour

    Here my first Sausage after 8 days in a basemant. After 8 days in a basement cold cherry wood smoke ....after 2 h 
  10. texas bbq

    Spit roasted greek Style Pork + Lamb Kebabs

    Today my dish was first "Spit roasted greek style Pork" from a special Pork  from Spain, we called " Porco Iberico" and than Lamb Kebabs. Is a perfect quality, very tasty, juicy and of course, fatty
  11. texas bbq

    My first Pastrami ( without pickling salt )

    At Friday a tryed my first Pastrami ( Beef Brisket) without pickling salt. deep fried bread , perfect for sandwich two better than one 
  12. texas bbq

    A kind of "Tacos al pastore"

    I would like to try "tacos al pastore". Not the real one, but very tasty and mouth watering tacos.  sliced pork neck self made tacos , cream cheese see you.....
  13. texas bbq

    Walnut Pie

    For my hungry family i maked a Walnut Pie from the Smoker. see you......
  14. texas bbq

    Bacon Red wine Shrimps + Beef Garlic Hot Dog

    For my lunch, i had already a Hot Dog with turkish Beff garlic Sausage and garlic creme topping, and overnight red wine marinated shrimps wrapped with bacon and stuffed with my own sausage stuff. smoked with my favorite cherry wood chunks Good Morning , have a nice day.
  15. texas bbq

    NEW BBQ sausage + Stuffer pimp for easier filling up

    Since my last trip to Texas, i always remember me at the perfect BBQ Sausage at the BBQ Restaurants. So i liked to know how can i make a very good, too. Today i tryed my next Sausage, it´s very close , but not perfect for me. A bit to much herbs inside. During the job, i maked my Pimp for the...
  16. texas bbq

    Cheese bacon red wine Rolls + Hot dog

    For my ABT´s i maked this. Overnight marinated Bacon with red wine, stuffed with two kind of cheese and a Hot dog with selfmade BBQ Sausage. see you.....
  17. texas bbq


    My Duck Burger was made with Asia glace, ground black pepper uns sea salt. Thats it. see you.....
  18. texas bbq

    Small Pork Fattys + Pork Bacon Rolls with BBQ glace

    Today a small lunch with Pork fattys, stuffed with cheese and a mixture from bell peppers and onions. Pork bacon rolls glaced with a BBq sauce.  a grid full tasty Pork see you....
  19. texas bbq

    Like a Surf&Turf DO dish with Pork and racor clams

    Here my last DO dish. First smoked a Pork neck in a Mini Egg, than i heated up my L Egg for the DO. I found in the food store racer clams and i would like to try it with Pork. add the pork, bell peppers, onions, ground black pepper and sea salt add a asia sweet chili sauce and...
  20. texas bbq

    Need some help - about a temperature gauges

    I need a new stuff for my Eggs. I don´t like the original gauges from a egg, because its not watertight. The temp. gauges should go up to 750 F. Maybe some user here know more about that and can me tell a store where can i find something like this. Thank you.
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