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  1. dacdots

    Canadian bacon

    I put a loin into cure this weekend for some Canadian bacon.This is one Ive never done before,I hope it turns out good.Anyone got any ideas on the smoking process Id love to hear about it.
  2. dacdots


    Man it sucks going back to work after a week of deer huntin.Does anyone know where I can find these OTHER RESOURCES so I don't have to work.
  3. dacdots

    Meat Season

    This is an event for me every year.Meat season is upon me.Tomorrow is the first day of deer season here in WV.By tomorrow evening I will likely have several deer to process.This time of year is so special to me cause its a time to gather.I will surely be blessed to be in the company of friends...
  4. dacdots

    Wine for deer season

    Heres my last effort with making some wine.Have been tweaking my recipe and got this batch just right.
  5. dacdots

    Chickens and Loin

    Was a nice day here for smoking.Two chickens,a pork loin,and some "skinneys."Everything came out great,I really like those little smoked sausages.
  6. dacdots

    Bridge Day WV

    Heres some pics of our weekend trip to the mountains of WV.The people BASE jumping off the New River Gorge Bridge is a yearly treat for us,those guys have balls.I sailed out of an airplane several times but thats as far as I could go.We have ridden the train at Cass Senic Railroad several times...
  7. dacdots


    Sometimes when I try to upload pics it doesnt work.I bring up the upload screen and when I hit browse I get an hour glass and it will not take me where I want to browse.It wont take me anywhere.This only happens sometimes,I will wait for an hour or so and then it will work,please advise.
  8. dacdots

    The grape

    Its not beer or ale but I sure do like making and drinking it.
  9. dacdots


    We got our garden out late this year but its hopping now.This is just the first of many canning days.
  10. dacdots


    Last Sat night we had a small get together with a couple very close friends {Well they always come around when they hear I'm cooking.}The ribs were great,the chicken wings were to die for, and the shrimp...well what can I say.We all had some good food,some good drink, and lots of fun.This...
  11. dacdots


  12. dacdots

    Smokin Sunday

    I had a good day smokin.Put on some ribs,bologna,trout,and skinnies.Ill call them skinnies because they are not fatties but they sure are good eatin.These are the link sausages I made last fall.
  13. dacdots

    Talking Frog

    A very elderly man was going for a walk one day when he came across a frog on the path.He stopped to look at the frog and the frog looked up at him and said"if you kiss me I will turn into a beautiful sexy woman and will tend to your every desire."The old man bent down and picked up the frog...
  14. dacdots

    Back Home

    We had a great time in the mountains.I took a few pics for you all to see.The first one is our camp on the Williams River,one of the best trout streams in the East,second is a view of the Williams River Vally from on top of Black Mountain,third is supper one night,and the fourth is yours...
  15. dacdots


    The wife and I are lucky enough to be going to the mountains of West Virginia for a week.Im going to do a little smoking,some sight seeing and maybe drink a beer or 48 followed by some Crown Royal.We are taking a break from whitewater rafting because the last time out I broke a finger and we are...
  16. dacdots


    I didnt do any smoking this weekend but was on the grill Friday and Sat evening.We did shrimp,scallops,pineapple,portabellas.corn, and potatoes Fri night,Sat night Brats,and more mushrooms and pineapple.This all ended with a wonderful blackberry cobbler made in the Dutch Oven topped with ice...
  17. dacdots


    Heres a little July 4th smoke we done.I wanted to try out the tenderloins from the pig we slaughtered last fall and they were great.They are so much more tender than the pork loin and of course cost a lot more if you have to buy them in the store.I pumped them with some nice marinade and...
  18. dacdots

    full smoker

    Heres a pic of last weekends smoke.I finally got the pic upload to work.My stuffed fatty,on the right slumped into more of a meatloaf but it sure was good.
  19. dacdots

    attachment problem

    I tried to attach a pic to my post but when the manage attachments window came up I could not browse.When I clicked on browse I got an hourglass just for a second then it went back to the arrow but would not send me to my files,please advise
  20. dacdots

    smoker full

    It was a very good day here on the smoker.Id never done a stuffed fatty until today and it turned out to be truely amazing.While I had the smoker going I threw on a little extra food fare[trying for a DJDebi style smoke] ie. everything in the house smokable.I figure why waste good smoke on a...
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