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  1. BaxtersBBQ

    Naked Smoked Pork

    Trying a bit of an experiment today. Just threw a pork butt in the smoker completely naked. No sauce, no rub, no seasoning. Ive seen a restaurant on tv that does it this way. Curious how it will turn out. My biggest worry is it getting dry, but I will still wrap it around 4-5 hours. Anybody...
  2. BaxtersBBQ

    Pork Shoulder Progressions

    Still playing around with the new Smokin-it 3.5. Just got it seasoned and did a test run yesterday. Doing a pork butt while at the restaurant today. I’ll continue to post updates. I’m really loving this smoker. 9:30am 11:30am 12:30pm (3hours)
  3. BaxtersBBQ

    New Smokin-It Model 3.5

    Super stoked I got my new smoker for the restaurant hooked up today. Wish I would’ve taken more pics but I was too excited to put it together and make sure it works. Just made a dry rub and BBQ sauce. I plan on seasoning it first thing in the morning then smoking a few butts during the day...
  4. BaxtersBBQ

    Indoor commercial smoker?

    Does anybody know of an inexpensive Indoor Commercial smoker? SmokinTex is the least expensive one I can find for about $3000. My fire codes officer says the manufacturer must classify it as both “Commercial” and “indoor” to be used in a restaurant. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  5. BaxtersBBQ

    Cinder Block or Caja China

    Hoping you all can help me with this....Ever since I read Sam Jones whole hog book I’ve been dying to do my own(attached photos). I’ve been smoking meats for a long time but have never done my own whole hog. I have a few different smokers but nothing large enough. SO I’ve been weighing the Pros...
  6. BaxtersBBQ

    Worst BBQ

    This was a “BBQ combination platter” I bought from a local smokehouse for $25. They closed a few months back. The sides that came with it were ok but I just couldn’t believe the meat. I won’t give the name or location. Thought you guys might want to see it. Anybody else ever have bad BBQ in a...
  7. BaxtersBBQ

    New member here...

    Hello everybody! I’ve been a fan of the webpage for a while but I’ve finally decided to join. I’m excited to be part of an active forum with great members. I live in NY. BBQ and smoking meats had been a passion of mine for a long time. I’m always looking to improve my product and learn new tricks.
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