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  1. alblancher

    Ok, if they use Sodium Nitrite to poison wild boar how will it affect your cure calculations?

    I read an article where swine and wild boar are particularly sensitive to sodium nitrite. There  is a possibility that the chemical will be encapsulated, mixed with bait and used as a poison to reduce wild boar herds.   The chemical binds with the hemoglobin in the blood stream similar to carbon...
  2. alblancher

    Is this the definition of Irony?

  3. alblancher

    What's for dinner this Easter?

    We decided not to do a fancy sit down meal so I'm firing up the smoker and fryer! Fried Turkey Smoked Ham Spares ABTS Pork Shots Smoked Mac and Cheese Sweet Potato Casserole Strawberry Cake What's on your menu??
  4. alblancher

    As if Beef prices are not high enough hold on to your hat Pork is going up too!!

    Pig virus threatens US outdoor grilling season AFP 15 minutes ago Quartered pigs are smoked at on a barbecue on July 12, 2012 in Charlotte, North Carolina 1 of 3 Quartered pigs are smoked at on a barbecue on July 12, 2012 in Charlotte, North Carolina 1 of 3 Quartered pigs are smoked...
  5. alblancher

    To all members that attended the bacon demo at North Florida Gathering

    I presented information about brining with a 10% pickup that was incorrect.  Please do not use those formulas.  They can result in your bacon having too much cure Sorry for the error Al
  6. alblancher

    What is a boneless petite sirloin steak?

    One of the local grocers has them on sale for 2.97 a lb  Choice  Sounds like a good price for Sirloin but I know you butchers out there can tell if it is a good cut Should I load up on these?  Are they appropriate for the grill? Thanks
  7. alblancher

    I thought this police report from the Times Picayune was funny

    Gary Louper, age 27 of 2001 Seventh Street, Slidell, LA, was arrested for Battery on a Police Officer, Theft under $300.00 by shoplifting merchandise from Walgreen's, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of both a schedule I and II controlled dangerous substances, Resisting an Officer...
  8. alblancher

    Hog's head cheese, well Kind Of

    Been looking to improve my hog's head cheese recipe.  The last time I made it I used pork butt and packaged gelatin as the binder.  This time I decided to use the natural gelatin in trotters. 10.6 lbs of fresh whole picnic   4.8 lbs of split trotters Barely cover the meat and trotters with...
  9. alblancher

    Yelllow Squash and Zucs on the smoker?

    The garden is getting productive and looks like the squash and zucs are going to have a good year.  I've grilled them over charcoal or gas but have never put them in the smoker.  Getting the Lang fired up for a couple of butts, a whole ham and some top round this weekend so any suggestions on...
  10. alblancher

    Questions about hog's head cheese

    I am trying to improve my hog's head cheese recipe.  I normally use boiled and shredded pork butt but some of the recipes I see call for using either shoulder or picnic If I can find fresh ham/picnic with the skin and outer fat will it provide more gelatin and flavor then the butt?  Any...
  11. alblancher

    That time of year to stock up on mason jars

    You may want to check your local Big Lots The local Big Lots sells Golden Harvest Mason jars quarts, pints and lids for considerably less then the Ball jars at the local Wall Mart With the size of my garden this year I'll be buying lots of additional jars and the money adds up quick. Wallmart...
  12. alblancher

    Hey Todd, Thanks for the AMPS pellet smoker

    I was fortunate enough to win one of your pellet smokers at NFL!!   Just want to Thank You for your donation.   My smokehouse gets too hot to smoke cheese so I am looking forward to making good use of the pellet smoker for my next cheese smoke. Thanks again,  looking forward to giving it a try...
  13. alblancher

    Boudie's new tags

    Some of you know my 5 year old Lab mix Boudie. Well BooBoo has been in the mood for love the last couple of weeks and it is impossible to keep him behind the fence.  A couple of weeks ago he got away at the farm and I though I had lost him for good.  Found him about 2 miles down the highway all...
  14. alblancher

    Moscow Sausage no cure on fatback?

    Ok this is a new one on me, I am looking around at new recipes and found a recipe for Moscow sausage. The recipe calls for 75% beef and 25% pork fatback. What I found interesting is that the recipe says to add cure and salt to the beef but salt only to the fatback because fat does not accept...
  15. alblancher

    No Qview, so it never happened Now with Qview!

    I know, no Qview so it didn't happen but for those of you that can still believe I have 12 lbs of Canadian bacon in the smoker right now.  It spent 8 days in a dry cure with TQ, then an hour in fresh water, 3 hrs in the fridge drying off and 4 hours in the cold smoker yesterday.  I placed it in...
  16. alblancher

    Can you inject cured whole cuts of meat and not worry about 4 hour rule?

    A reference was made in another thread to waiting until the outside of a cured, whole muscle reached safe external surface temperature before inserting a thermo or injecting a marinade. My question "Did curing the whole muscle make the interior of the meat less susceptible to bacterial growth...
  17. alblancher

    Lets talk cutting boards

    Any preference,  what kind for what task?  How do you clean and take care of them? I know I love the big white plastic cutting  boards when cutting raw poultry but I use wood when slicing cold meats and bacon. I think the plastic cutting boards dull my knives quicker? How about you guys?
  18. alblancher

    Move over 7-pot, the Chocolate 7-pot and the Bhut Jolokia here comes ...

    The   Trinidad Moruga Scorpion http://www.nola.com/food/index.ssf/2012/02/hottest_pepper_the_trinidad_mo.html another year another hottest pepper.
  19. alblancher

    Processing Inspectors calculations handbook

    A member sent me this link a while back and even though I don't remember who it was I want to thank them again.    For those of us that really like geeking out on this stuff this handbook is a pretty definitive guide to calculating the amounts of cures, accelerants, binders etc found in the...
  20. alblancher

    Pa. smokehouse fire 'best-smelling in long time'

    http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_ODD_FIRE_SMELLS_GOOD?SITE=WWL&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT.html But they saved the sausage!
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