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    What are you thankful for?

    With every thing going on now I thought it would be a good time to post about things we are thankful for. I have many things to be thankful for. First and foremost I am thankful for the technology we have, the ability we have to be able to do video calls on our phones. Short sidetrack will...
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    Our little girl is 1 yr old

    Just wanted to say our little girl just turned 1 yr old today! Her name is kya, originally my wife looked up some names and kaya sounded good...it translated to "pure", but spelling got changed a little bit. But still fitting cuz she is pure...puppy, obnoxious, ornery, and probably most of...
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    Romantic wife

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    Breakfast pizza

    Just happened to see a couple pics I never posted, so thought I would add to the breakfast section. This pizza actually came about by trying to find a way to get rid of a jar of cheese whiz. The only time we buy it is to make a batch of grandma's scalloped potatoes...which doesn't use alot of...
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    Time for more bacon

    Was out of bacon except for some bbb. Local store had some bellies, 1st time I seen them there, 1st two I bought were 3.99 lb, then awhile later picked up 3 more for 1.99 lb Wanted to do a taste test trial so decided to go with pops brine, brined for 14 days, then the rest all dry cured for...
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    A new project

    Brought home a new project today, been sitting in a shed unused for probably 20 years. Have the table top, sliding piece, just not in the pics. Everything turns, couple of the rollers for the blade are kinda rough so will get replaced. New cord and switch for sure. Previous owner...
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    Cheesy shredded beef hash

    We had some shredded beef in the fridge my mil had given us, it was really salty. We were gonna use it in enchiladas but ended up with all ground beef in them...forgot to switch mixture 1/2 way through, ooopppss. So with all the excellent breakfast posts we decided to repurpose it and came up...
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    Taco ring

    So on Friday I posted a thread on potato, bacon, and leek soup which our son is not a big fan of...actually most soups except for chili. So this was his supper Friday night. Started by browning 2 lbs of burger, added some onions and seasoned with our homemade taco seasoning. Don't need 2 lbs...
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    Bacon, potato, & leek soup

    We usually make this a couple times each year, especially in the winter. Have really been looking forward to this lately but for some reason our local grocery stores haven't had any leeks on hand. So last week I asked if they would order some in and was told would be beginning of the week...
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    Bacon cure question

    I have about 20 lbs of belly to cure and found an old recipe that was given to me several years ago while I was just lurking on SMF. I tried figuring out the percentage of cure in it to no avail. Even went and searched posts by @daveomak when he was helping others and still no luck. 16 oz...
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    Newbie photo test

    Just seeing how this works
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    Hello from nw Iowa

    Just wanted to say hi! Long time lurker just decided to join finally! Probably been looking for several years. Currently use a mes 30 (only time I went shopping on black Friday, it was half price). A weber 18 inch look a like, bought it for $20. Just started using it more this summer. And...
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