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  1. sirhuntsalot

    Home made dehydrator ??

    Anyone made a large capacity dehydrator. Thinking of making one that is double walled that allows the air to circulate between the walls and coming out into the inner chamber for good air flow. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  2. sirhuntsalot

    What about a Stumps clone from a refrigerator ??

    Been thinking of trying to make one. After all a Stumps is nothing more than a sealed, insulated box with a charcoal chute on the outside. You guys see any issues with this kind of build? I've made a fridge with electric but would like to try this idea.
  3. sirhuntsalot

    My "cool" summer sausage smoker...picts.

    I was looking for something to do sausage in and this works great. It has plenty of room and it will heat to 250 with no problems if I want. I'm now giving her a new pimped out pant job that I will have done in a few days....I will post a picture when I'm done. Here is my first 25 pound run of...
  4. sirhuntsalot

    Is this a fattie or summer sausage

    Last year I was making venison snack sticks and ended up just rolling them into fattie sized logs and put them on the smoker with apple wood. Would these be considered fatties or summer sausage.....Either way it was better than any summer sausage Ive ever made. I dont think I'll use casings this...
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