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  1. stjoeguy1122

    MAsterbuilt 330 G

    so I’ve been searching for a way to prevent my flame from being blown out on my Masterbuilt XL. I’ve made wind guards and wind breaks but it never is enough. I installed a pilot light (tee’d off the supply line before the smoker control valve) with the hopes it would relight the burner if the...
  2. stjoeguy1122

    Spicy hot pickles and/or carrots

    Hello everyone. I need some help in making some spicy/hot sweet pickles. Want them to be kinda like Famous Dave's spicy pickles. Oh and in small batches, around 4 quart jars. I tried the whole dill pickle that I sliced, 4 pounds of sugar and bottle of tobassco in a gallon jar. Flavor was good...
  3. stjoeguy1122

    First try at goose jerky

    A co-worker gave me a couple goose breast to make into jerky. Never done goose before so it will be interesting. Curing with high mountain wild bird jerky kit. Will post results tomorrow. image.jpeg (1,496k. jpeg file)
  4. stjoeguy1122

    Over smoked turkey

    Well been a long time since I fired up the smoker. Got shoved to working ridicules hours and nights. I prepped this yesterday and toss in the Masterbuilt gas this morning when I came home. And fell asleep. :-( Internal temp is 180/185. I inject some butter into breast and drumsticks, covered...
  5. stjoeguy1122

    Bacon wrapped chicken breasts my way.

    Hello everyone. I know bacon wrapped chicken breasts are done a lot so it might be a little repetitive. But here are mine. 12 chicken breast injected with Famous Dave's spicy pickle juice, then vacuumed packed in same juice (not delituted) for 24+ hours. Pad dry but not risened. Jeff's rub. Gas...
  6. stjoeguy1122

    Back at it with some spare ribs

    Been a long winter and the near spring temps had me breaking out my gas Masterbuilt for some ribs. Used the 3-2-1 method, Jeff's rub, amazing tube pellet with mix (what ever had spilled out in the bottom of the tote) of everything in it. Threw in a couple potatoes for twice baked, wonderful...
  7. stjoeguy1122

    37#'s of Butts for a banquet

    My first big smoke . . . I was asked by the Saint Joseph Figure Skating Club to smoke up some pork in the way of pulled pork for the spring banquet and since I am a Board Member I really couldn’t say no. I picked up 37 pounds of Butts from Sam’s Club thinking that it would feed about 55 people...
  8. stjoeguy1122

    stainless steel frig into a smoker???

    the boy has came across an stainless steel commercial refrig for free except the gas to go and get it. he wants to turn it into a smoker, I haven't seen it yet but thought I would see if anyone as any experience at this or any ideas? the thinking is that we will use a burner from a turkey fryer...
  9. stjoeguy1122

    Smoked Duck

    I tried to post this a while back but my iPhone was being mean to me. Smoked up a duck a while back, just now getting pictures back from the customer. I cut small slits in the breast to help with rendering the fat out. I brined in a citrus mix of tangerines, oranges and pineapple for 24...
  10. stjoeguy1122

    Bacon wrapped chicken breast

    Decided to do up another batch of chicken breasts. I had brining in Famous Dave's Hot Pickle juice, about 1/2 cup water, 1/4 cup Teryiki and 1/4 cup pineapple juice. I decided to use one of my vacuum canisters to see if it makes any difference. I didn't notice anything other than it was much...
  11. stjoeguy1122

    Kirby Meat Mixer

    I have seen several posting on here about the Kirby Meat Mixer, I have done several searches but can't find any info on where to purchase the parts I can't make myself, the paddle. does anyone have a way of ordering this? thanks bob
  12. stjoeguy1122

    Deer Tenderloins (inside the rib cage) wrapped in bacon, with q-view

    While I was digging around for meat to make up some jerky I found a couple of tenderloins (inside the rib cage) that I had forgotten about. I marinated and injected them with Balsamic Marinade, vacuumed bagged and refrigerated overnight.  Applied some of Jeff’s rub and wrapped in bacon, cranked...
  13. stjoeguy1122

    love the deer jerky, w/ q-view

    Found several pounds of deer meat that I cut up for stew/chili meat but decided to jerk it instead. While I was digging around in the freezer I found a few round steaks, they were a little thicker then I normally use for jerky but I beat them down. I use High Mountain seasonings on all but one...
  14. stjoeguy1122

    advice on how to cook this hunk of beef

    OK, all you grill masters I need some help. I have received this hunk of meat from a friend, he thinks it is a hind quarter, I have no idea. it is very large as you can see by the picture, weights about 23 pounds. What are my options on smoking it? Cure first?  Keep in mind that I have a...
  15. stjoeguy1122

    Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast

    It has been a while since I posted anything so here are some chicken breast I smoked up today.  Used Jeff's rub and my own sauce of BBQ sauce/Chili sauce/grape jelly.  Smoked with Hickory until IT was at 165. pulled FTC for about 45 minutes while other fix'ns were finishing up.  sorry but no...
  16. stjoeguy1122

    looking for Wutang brine recipe

    I ran across a couple threads of Wutang's. I was wondering if his chicken brine has ever been posted on here? I spent many years on the Hawaiian Islands and would like to try to recreate some of their unique flavors. thanks
  17. stjoeguy1122

    B-Day party Ribs and more

    Had a Birthday party for my boy, he requested some spare ribs, pulled pork and a couple of fatties. I added in the beans and potatoes. This is my first try at ribs and I was pretty pleased. I followed Jeff’s 3-2-1 (2-2-1 baby back) advice and they turned out perfect! Thanks Jeff!!!! Having...
  18. stjoeguy1122

    first try at a couple of pork butts

    I decided to try my hand at pork butts . .  after gathering more info then I could process I started . . I did one naked and no injection... the other I used Jeff's rub over EVOO and injected about 1oz of apple juice . .I started at 10pm last night,  smoked in my MES 30 at 220, it hit IT 160...
  19. stjoeguy1122

    Multiple Temp Probes . . . couldn't find answers in other threads

    I have been trying to find info on temp probes. I currently have a Maverick ET-732 it operates on 433.92MhZ and it looks like all of the Maverick probes operate on same Freq. if I wanted to probe 4 or 6 meats while smoking what can I do? I really don't want to have to open up the smoker all...
  20. stjoeguy1122

    did a couple of pastrami over the weekend

    I smoked up a couple more pastrami . . soaked them for a day, changed water out a couple of times. I trimmed most of the fat off. Coated with a mustard mix, ¼ cup yellow mustard, ¼ cup of my favorite sweet hot mustard, 3 tbsp of EVOO, all mixed together and applied. Made my rub with CGP, garlic...
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