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  1. jet1959mo

    4 lb brisket flat on a Traeger

    I used to have a vertical wood smoker but, since 2 years ago, I bought a Traeger. I've cooked many things except a brisket on my Traeger and today is the first time. I've read and researched smoking a brisket and this is what I came up with. Decided to smoke open through out smoke for crisp...
  2. jet1959mo

    A pork roast. I need some suggestions.

    I have done this type of pork roast before but, in a pot on the stove top. Now I have a Traeger LIL Tex Elite I want to smoke this on and don't want to use it for pulled pork.
  3. jet1959mo

    First turkey on the traeger

    I can't believe how good my first turkey turned out. I cooked one traditional just in case. I didn't brine it. Just used seasoned butter and some poultry rub. 1st hour on smoke then 325 for approximately 3 hours. I forgot to set a timer. I apologize for not taking a picture before cutting...
  4. jet1959mo

    Lost count how many times I smoke spare ribs

    I love spare ribs so it's not much to wonder why I forgot how many times I've done it. I didn't do these St. Louis style but most of the time I do and do it my self. By the way, I posted another thread today about the Boston Butt I am doing for pulled pork.
  5. jet1959mo

    In honor of KC, the Royals and the Chiefs

    I am honoring the Royals super undefeated entry into the World Series and the Chiefs taking on the Chargers today, I have been busy and in the process of smoking a Boston Butt for pulled pork. This is my very first time smoking one and glad I have a Traeger Lil Texas Elite to accomplish it. I am...
  6. jet1959mo

    What do you do with the grease from aTraeger?

    The Traeger BBQ07E has a small can to collect the melted fat from foods but, where does everyone dispose of it?
  7. jet1959mo

    My pork spare ribs ala jet1959mo

    I decided not to do them St. Louis style. 5 hours and done. INGREDIENTS for rub: One-quarter cup brown sugar One-quarter cup sweet paprika Two teaspoons ground black pepper Two teaspoons chili powder Two teaspoons onion powder One teaspoon garlic powder One teaspoon mustard powder One-half...
  8. jet1959mo

    First Attempt at Smoked Turkey Legs

    I smoked some turkey legs today for the first time. Sorry i didn't take pictures putting the brine together but I do have pictures after brinning. Started the temp in my Texas Elite at 225. At around 2 hours the temp in the Traeger was reading 281 and the legs at 160, so I turned it down to 225...
  9. jet1959mo

    Disappointed in my first smoke with new Traeger

    This isn't my first time smoking meats. I just got used to using my off brand stand up smoker that started to crap out and decided to purchased the Traeger Lil Tex Elite 2 days ago based on a friends recommendation. You would not believe the begging I had to do to get the boss to let me purchase...
  10. jet1959mo

    Web Site redirection

    I use Google Chrome for my browser and at 400am this morning I came to the site and was redirected to a nasty page telling me my java was out of date (nasty as in asking to download a simple virus disguised as a java update). I have computer experience and schooling of years that alerted me to...
  11. jet1959mo

    Traeger Lil Tex Elite, Liberty, Mo

    Hello, Yesterday I bought a Traeger Lil Tex Elite based on a friends recommendation even though it's just me and the wife and the Junior would have worked for us, we do have family and friends over now and then making the decision to go bigger a no brainer. Though my wife complained of the...
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