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  1. jsdspif

    what's people buying for an electric/disappointed with masterbuilt

    I just got my new masterbuilt digital 30" delivered. I think it's the 130B ? Replaces my old 30" MES that just died after 5 years or so. I figure it's probably the terminals disintegrated ,it doesn't heat. It acts as though it should be heating but it doesn't. Anyway just got the new one...
  2. jsdspif

    getting a new 30" MES

    I'm replacing my old 30" MES with a new one that I believe is pretty much like my old one . Digital control on top at the back of the smoker . This is the unit that the terminals disintegrated after using it for a month or so so I put the appliance terminals on the wires and all's been well for...
  3. jsdspif

    looks like stores are starting to stock for the spring /summer season

    I hadn't checked my local Meijer store in a few weeks but yesterday I found they have got quite a bit of their spring grilling type stuff stocked . The thing that caught my eye , and I think iit's new , were some new types of Western wood chips . They had peach wood chips and orange wood chips ...
  4. jsdspif

    canadian bacon going bad

    When I make mine and slice it I package it up , say 8 slices to a package and then vac seal it and freeze it . Some I just put in a ziploc in the ref. and eat that within a week . I found a vac sealed package in my ref. and I'm not sure how long it's been in there and if it started in the...
  5. jsdspif

    menards Bradley smokers

    I don't know if anyone is interested , but yesterday in the Kalamazoo Menards they had 4 or 5 bradleys with an "unadvertised special " sign on them . Only thing is I can't remember what the price was , I think 179 or 199 ???? Seems like it said save 100 or something like that ?? If somebody...
  6. jsdspif

    Funny Turkey story

    This doesn't have much to do with smoking but it's a story my dad would usually tell around this time of year every year . The kind where you've heard it before but no one is rude enough to say "we've heard this before " because he enjoyed talking about it . He ran a plastic injection molding...
  7. jsdspif

    slicing dried beef

    I realize once I start to slice it I'll get my answer , but here it goes anyway . I cured and dried a piece of bottom round roast and I'm wondering if you would slice it with the grain or against the grain . With the grain it seems like it would be stringy but against the grain I think maybe it...
  8. jsdspif

    brownulated light brown sugar

    I have been meaning to post about this stuff for quite some time now . It is brownulated light brown sugar . They are like tiny little beads . I like to use it when I make up a batch of rub because they don't ball up to themselves as time goes by using the rub every now and then . Maybe this...
  9. jsdspif

    Ronnie James Dio passes away

    I realize that this isn't smoking related , but if you haven't heard yet , Ronnie James Dio passed away Sunday morning . He had been battling stomach cancer . He was arguably one of the best vocalists in hard rock for right around 40 + years . I know some of us here are into that type of music .
  10. jsdspif

    cracker barrel turkey sausage

    has anyone got any idea how they make this stuff ? I'm guessing it's got some cure in it because it is so "bacon like " . I did a search trying to find "imitation" recipes and no luck . I was thinking just buying some ground turkey and putting some tenderquick in it along with some other spices...
  11. jsdspif

    Question about my house thermostat

    I know this is so far off course , but , I put a new thermostat on my house furnace because the one that came with my new furnace seemed to have only 1/2 degree spread and it wasn't changeable . So set to 68 once it dropped to 67 1/2 the furnace would turn on , run until it got to 68 and shut...
  12. jsdspif

    world record ghost pepper eating

    This is kind of my response to the habanero abt's . I read about it in my local paper when it first occured . If the link doesn't work just google the title of the thread . What I think is weird about hot stuff is some people can eat it without too much problem . I like spicy but I got some...
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