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  1. red robbo 69

    Sweet Chestnut

    Evening All, I've been offered a load of seasoned sweet chestnut for nowt. I can't very much info on it. Anyone ever used it? Cheers Robin
  2. red robbo 69

    Cold smoking

    I'd like to try it when the weather gets cooler. I have an old, unloved and unused Homebase knockoff of a Weber 57 kettle at the end of the garden. The dome is slightly bigger than a Weber, so there is plenty of room. I was thinking about buying a Pro Q cold smoke generator (I've heard that the...
  3. red robbo 69

    Pork cheeks

    Saw a few in the butchers yesterday and thought they might be interesting. Most of the recipes I found said to treat them like ribs, so: 2 hours at around 250f with a couple of chunks of apple wood, then foiled with a splash of cider and in for another hour, and then basted with bbq sauce and...
  4. red robbo 69

    A little snack

    So, I haven't got near the BBQ all week and am jonesing to smoke something. I was at work this morning so only had the afternoon to prep and cook something, and with rain looking imminent, it had to be something quick. I'd seen posts on various forums about bacon wrapped scotch eggs and I...
  5. red robbo 69

    Dirty Chicken

    Sometime it just ain't gonna happen for you is it? I'd been looking at a recipe on Let there be Meat for Dirty Planked Spatchcock Chicken. I was a little dubious; a whole 2kg chicken cooked in 22 minutes? Anyway I thought I'd give it a go. I thought I'd err on the side of caution and use a...
  6. red robbo 69

    Pork Shanks

    Hi All, Bought a couple today, both about 1.5kg. Normally I'd braise them, but I'd like to try smoking them.  Any ideas about BBQ temp and what temp I should take them to? I'm also wondering if I should trim most of the fat Any advice welcome Cheers Robin
  7. red robbo 69

    Chuck out the pork

    Can I confess I was getting a wee bit fed up with pulled pork. Saw a lovely looking 2kg piece of chuck in Turner and George on Saturday and impulse bought.  On the Weber OTP this morning around 6am. Rubbed with Pitt Cue beef rub 10 hours at 225-230F. Started off with some mesquite chips for a...
  8. red robbo 69

    Complete Newb

    Hello All, Been lurking around various sites and forums for months and do believe I have finally found the one for me. Have been grilling for many years, but just got into smoking about 6 months ago. Don't have a dedicated smoker yet, been smoking on a Weber 57cm OTP with variable results. My...
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