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  1. pokernut

    Bone in Pork Loin 99 Cents

    Usually its the boneless but these are great too! Ken
  2. pokernut

    New guy from NC

    Welcome neighbor! You are going to love this place! Ken
  3. pokernut


    I have not fully recovered from the effects of the last epic Fatty Throwdown we had here!!
  4. pokernut

    It's that time of year again...Win a prize a day from A-MAZE-N Products through 11/22!

    It is, and will always be my Smoke Ring Fatty.
  5. pokernut

    Cheese steak fattie

       On my big fatties I find if I freeze them for a short while they stiffen up enough to get a tight bacon weave around them before they can fall apart.
  6. pokernut

    MES 30 Element Failure

    Thanks Dave... just spoke with MB ...it is stock ($19.99)
  7. pokernut

    MES 30 Element Failure

       Anyone seen this before?  I have used it maybe 20x since my chip tray upgrade last year with no issues. 
  8. MES 30 Element Failure

    MES 30 Element Failure

  9. image.jpg


  10. image.jpg


  11. pokernut

    I dont know what kind of smoker I have.

    I know its wrong. but I am coveting your new smoker...great looking unit.
  12. pokernut

    Caveman Grilled Tomato Basil Chicken Breast

       Great experiment, I will do some chicken this weekend. Did you taste any ash at all ? Did you baste the chicken as you turned them washing away any ash?
  13. pokernut

    Down and Dirty Steak?

    Nice looking box Sir, can you build me one...or invite me over for some dinner, down and dirty style!
  14. pokernut

    Down and Dirty Steak?

    Or spend $100 on a blower just to blow ash off his coals.
  15. pokernut

    Down and Dirty Steak?

        Has anybody ever tried this?    Im always up for trying new or interesting grilling ideas, recipes or foods, but this one seems risky, especially with Ribeyes at $9.99 a pound. Can anyone here say they have tried this method?      I must say though that I did try the trick of scoring the...
  16. pokernut

    Hi I'm Amanda from Texas

    Like this??
  17. pokernut

    Thanksgiving Brisket (Soup to Nuts)

    Looks good to me...wish I could find them that cheap here!! Impressive carving skills too!
  18. pokernut

    Daytona pork shots

    Well done....I did my first shots a few weeks ago and everyone loved them. Quick, easy, tastey and cheap!
  19. pokernut


    Thats a gorgeous unit, its going to make a great smoker! Congrats.
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