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  1. bangstick

    Pollo a la Brasa wings

    So as some of you may know, I recently posted some pictures of a pollo a la brasa chicken I cooked. Well, I love wings and I love the pollo a la brasa marinade I use on my whole chickens so I figured I'd do some wings in that marinade. I prefer a whole wing so I don't separate the drumette from...
  2. bangstick

    Not delivery OR Digiorno

    I didn't know where to put this but I wanted to show off my first attempt at homemade pizza on my Woodwind. I cheated a little and bought pre-made pizza dough from the Publix bakery (not the pre-made stuff in the freezer aisle). After rolling and stretching the dough, I laid down a thin layer...
  3. bangstick

    Pollo a la Brasa

    So my wife is the daughter of missionaries and her parents spent 34 years in Peru. My wife and one of her brothers were actually born there. Well, one of her favorite dishes from Peru is pollo a la brasa….marinated chicken cooked on a rotisserie over an open flame (for us gringos). She found a...
  4. bangstick

    Different temps, same results

    Since receiving my Camp Chef Woodwind, I've become a grilling/smoking show-watching fool. I watch as many of them as I do hunting and fishing shows. Anyway, I've been cooking my butts at 225 for 11-12 hours but I've been hearing more and more people on these grilling/smoking shows talking about...
  5. bangstick


    I apologize if this has been covered on here before but I have to ask. Is it ever ok to use pickled jalapenos when making ABTs or do they always have to be fresh? I ask because one of my favorite appetizers is smoked gouda and bacon pimento chees stuffed pickled jalapenos but I'm also a big fan...
  6. bangstick

    Pans or no pans?

    So I see a lot of people putting their meat (shoulders, ribs, chicken thighs...what have you) in disposable aluminum pans when smoking. What's the consensus, if there is one, on using disposable aluminum pans when smoking? Pros? Cons?
  7. bangstick

    Second shot at baby back ribs

    I think I'm getting closer to finding what works for my ribs. The first time, I tried the "3-2-1" but the ribs were over-cooked for my liking. They weren't dry but they literally fell apart when I tried to get them off the smoker. This time I did a straight 5 hour smoke at 225 and never wrapped...
  8. bangstick

    Smoked meatloaf

    I fired up the Camp chef Woodwind to smoke a coupe of meatloafs. My recipe isn't anyhing fancy, just a basic meatloaf recipe. The only difference is I add 1lb of ground deer (venison with 10% beef fat added) to 1.5lbs of ground chuck and I brown diced Vidalia onion with minced garlic, salt...
  9. bangstick

    Smoked wings, take 2!

    So I tried some smoked wings shortly after buying my new Woodwind from Camp Chef and they didn't turn out as desired. The meat was awesome but the skin was rubbery. So, after asking some questions to the fine folks on this forum, I gave smoked wings another shot. After rinsing the whole wings...
  10. bangstick

    What's up with tough skin

    Ok, so I'm still new to the site and to smoking. I recently purchased a Camp Chef Woodwind and I'm still breaking her in. The other day, the wife said she wanted some smoked chicken wings so off to Publix I went. I was disappointed with their selection of wings because every pack of their...
  11. bangstick


    Yep, FNG here! A buddy of mine told me about this site and since I recently purchased a new grill/smoker, I thought I'd check it out. I had been using a BGE but it was a "medium" sized one and I wasn't happy with the size but was in no hurry to drop the coin on a larger size. Enter the Camp...
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