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  1. fire phil

    4th July Ribs

    Cooked 10 racks of ribs in my RF Smoker at I am still working on the rest on trailer build. I cooked 9 of them by 3hrs on smoke then wrapped in foil with Apple juice and honey. But one rack I did not foil just sprayed with the Apple juice and honey very 30mins or so. I think I will try this way...
  2. fire phil

    Fund raiser.

    Loned my smoker to a local church that is doing a fund raiser. Stoped by to talk with the guys on my way in to work tonight. They are cooking 186 butts there is a 5th smoker around the corner.
  3. fire phil

    Smoke salmon on RF.

    Started with 4 fillet salmon. Made a pan with foil and added my seasoning along with some butter & lemon juice. Smoked at low temp.with cherry. Cooked to IT 145. It was very good
  4. fire phil

    Ribs - First cook on newly build RF Smoker

    Local store had spair ribs on sale so I picked up 6 racks. Marinade the ribs over night. Now time to go on the smoker I finished the day be for and seasoned that night. Will be using cherry wood for the cook. Smoker doing well with good clean smoke. Time to wrap in foil with some Apple...
  5. fire phil

    Go big or go home. First try at a fatty.

    I am loving this form group. After reading a lot of the forms on fatty's I am trying my first one.
  6. fire phil

    First time ribs

    This is my first time smoking ribs. Put dry rub on the night before. This is them going on the smoker with cherry wood. This is after 3hrs on smoker. As they were smoking I ran to town an got a real thermostat. Now I can see what the true temp is not just warm/ideal. 2hrs after being wrapped...
  7. fire phil

    Newby bitting the bullte , 250gal smoker on a trailer

    I thank I am done with the planing stage. Time to jump in and get my feet wet. Thanks for all the input from the folks here on SMF. Y'all have been a BIG help , and keep the suggestion/addvice coming. I have never build a smoker or even a grill befor now. This is new ground for me.
  8. fire phil

    Game day chicken

    Fireing up my upright carcole smoker. Loading it up with 10lb bag of leg 1/4's. befor my son's football game. 3.5he's later after son's ball game. Time to start getting readly for the Alabama / Tennessee ball game.
  9. fire phil

    numbers for a 250gal propane tank

    here is what I have come up with my build as far as numbers. Would like to get some feed back for this is my first time trying to build a smoker and this forum has been a huge help.
  10. fire phil

    warmer box over FB

    I am looking to build a 250gal tank smoker. I am trying to Deeside if I will put a warmer box on top of the FB. What is the use for the warmer box would be a better ?. All input is welcome. This is my first big build.
  11. fire phil

    new to SMF

    I am looking for input on building a smoker. I am from north Alabama and we are known for our pulled pork around here. I have been smoking pull pork and chicken on a bullite 2 layer smoker bullet smoker. I have smoked on big tank smokers some. I am looking to build a tank smoker on a trailer.I...
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