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  1. pokes fan

    Birthday present

    Thanks guys!
  2. Birthday present

    Birthday present

  3. pokes fan

    Birthday present

    Got a pit barrel for my birthday. Didn't have a lot of time, so we put a take and bake pizza on it for the trial run. Turned out great.
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  5. IMG_20160922_193928867.jpg


  6. pokes fan

    Corned beef

    Thanks, Gary!
  7. pokes fan

    Corned beef

    corned beef done. It is sooo good,let it go to 190 and then let it rest for an hour. Didn't get final pics of the ribs but they were awesome. Thanks for all of your advice, I appreciate it!
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  9. pokes fan

    Corned beef

    beef backs ready to go in, can't wait.
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  11. Corned beef

    Corned beef

  12. pokes fan

    Corned beef

    here's the corned beef at 1.5 hrs
  13. IMG_20160814_125321772_HDR.jpg


  14. pokes fan

    Corned beef

    Thanks, I did soak them for several hours, wish I would have read about the potato beforehand but I will post de pics.
  15. pokes fan

    Corned beef

    I'm going to try a couple corned beef briskets tomorrow and I will also be smoking some beef backs. So I'm thinking brisket under the ribs?
  16. pokes fan

    1st attempt at Jeff's smoked meatloaf muffins

    Thanks guys, finally figured out how to post pics so I'll share more now.
  17. pokes fan

    1st attempt at Jeff's smoked meatloaf muffins

    Thought I'd give these a try, followed Jeff's instruction and was not disappointed. These were tasty.
  18. IMG_20160711_193251067.jpg


  19. pokes fan

    Enclosure for smoker

    I want to get some sort of enclosure for my smoke hollow 30 lpg smoker, I saw pics on the internet of a Bradley electric that was put in one of those poly resin outdoor cabinets, but I'm not convinced it wouldn't melt. Any ideas?
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