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  1. mrbeef

    Pink salt amount question

    My prague #1 salt says 1 teaspoon per 5lbs of meat. If i have 3 lbs can i still use 1 tsp? If i have 7lbs can i use 2 tsp? I guess what im asking is if i put more then what the directions say is that ok or doest it have to be correct amount no matter how many pounds?
  2. mrbeef

    Pellet smoker brand

    I would like to get my brother a pellet smoker for a wedding and house warming gift. I was thinking of the treager pro 34 or the new pro 780. He dosent need the wifi though. Im afraid that since its made in china he wont get parts or have warranty issues. What do you folks think? I have a ys640...
  3. mrbeef

    ys640 grill grates

    I'm really thinking of ordering the ys640 and was curious how well it grills without the grill grates. I'm just trying to save money on unnecessary upgrades. If there's anything else anyone recommends for upgrades I'd love to hear it or anything else that's unnecessary. Thanks.
  4. mrbeef

    Brisket slicing question

    I'm curious to why some people slice their brisket two different ways and if there is a reason to do so and if it matters. I've seen some separate the flat and point by sliding a knife in and completely separating the two and I also seen where people slice the flat then turn the point 90 degrees...
  5. mrbeef

    smoking pork butt (q view)

    It's a beautiful day today and decided to smoke a pork butt and figured I'd post some pictures.
  6. mrbeef

    Holland grill LP regulator hose

    I have the Wrangler Holland grill and my LP regulator hose went bad. Will any hose work or do I specifically have to buy one through Holland grills. Thanks.
  7. mrbeef

    oven made sticks

    I wanted to try to make sticks in the oven and thought I would show some pictures of my progress. I just took these out of the oven at and internal temperature of 153 degrees. Now a lot of rest for 2 hours and post more pictures.
  8. mrbeef

    horrible casing smell

    Howdy everyone, it's been awhile since I've been on hope all is good for everyone. Today I got home and smelled a horrible smell and found it to be my casings I've had in the fridge. They have been siting in water and salt for about 4 months and the top of the water is slimy yellow and the smell...
  9. mrbeef

    ring bologna

    So I decided to make some more ring bologna (10lbs) from Curleys. This time I used 1/4 cup of jalapeño juice with 1/2 cup of jalapeños and also added 1lb of regular cheddar cheese that I cut up in 1/4in squares then put it in the freezer for about 1/2hr to help firm up the cheese before mixing...
  10. mrbeef

    tough casings

    I have read alot of threads on here about natural hog casings being tough but can't find what I'm looking for on here or the Internet. So if I could get some help it would be greatly appreciated. I bought a hog hank and made some bratwurst and the casings were excellent, I put some water to...
  11. mrbeef

    Today's menu

    I decided to make some sausage this weekend so I made 10lbs of old fashioned hot dogs, 10lbs of ground bacon, 10lbs of reg. brats and 10lbs of apple brats. All my seasoning was from Curleys. Here's some pics for anyone that wants to look. Have a great weekend everyone! 24 mm casings for old...
  12. mrbeef

    over night time

    I planned on making some chili dogs and cotto salami tonight so it would be ready for Sunday but as luck would have it I won't be able to tonight. My question is, the directions say to mix seasoning and cure and let it sit overnight but if I do it in the morning first thing how long do I need to...
  13. mrbeef

    pork burger seasoning

    I love ground pork burger patties we get from the meat lockers here in iowa and would like to try making my own, I've spent what seems like hours looking for seasonings or receipts but none seem close. Would porketta seasoning be it? Or does anyone know any ideas or a good place to start? Thanks.
  14. mrbeef

    my first fattie

    This is the first time I have posted a a picture so I hope it worked. I made a Philly cheese steak fattie,only problem was I should have made another!
  15. mrbeef

    safe to use

    So I found a box of polish sausage seasoning with natural casings that is probably 4 yrs old That hasn't been opened and also found pepper snack stick seasoning with collagen casings that has been opened. Found them in storage where it has gotten in the high 80's. I was gonna throw them away...
  16. mrbeef

    80/20 hamburger

    I seen some 80/20 hamburger on sell and wondered if anyone made beef ring bologna or beef sticks out of it or would you want to add pork?
  17. mrbeef

    howdy fourm

    I just joined today after reading g a lot of good information on here so I thought it was time to join. I'm from the great Hawkeye state! I'm currently using a wsm 18 and pretty much have have ribs and pork butt down but brisket are not where I want them to be yet. So here's to joining the new...
  18. mrbeef

    brisket question

    I'm smoking a 12 lb brisket at 225-250 and it's been on for 6 hrs, my question is how can the internal temp be 202-212 but my probe don't go in like butter either. This seems to happen a lot to me. Should I not even worry about the temp and more by feel or could it actually be done that fast at...
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