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  1. frosty91

    Backwoods water pan help

    Hey guys, I acquired a backwoods smoker a few months ago and just getting a few cooks on it. Now before I got it I was used to my brinkman trail master offset. And I learned to turn out quality Q after using it for many years. Now with the backwoods, it has 5 racks and a water pan. And I...
  2. frosty91

    Bambi stuffed peppers

    Still have ground deer left from hunting season. Getting close to being out though :( next year I will to kill at least 2. I love ground venison for about anything. And I love being able to butcher and grind my own, makes you feel so much better knowing where you food comes from. Unfortunately...
  3. frosty91

    Pork steaks on the mini Weber

    I just love this little Weber mini. Perfect for cooking for 2. Tonight I threw some bone in pork steaks on it with some potatoes. Got that delicious smelling smoke coming out Got it loaded down Dinner fit for kings and queens Gotta clean that bone!
  4. frosty91

    Tri tip 1st time success

    Wanted to try a tri tip. Picked one up from the meat market. Trimmed it up and put a rub on that I picked up. It's mostly garlic p, onion p, salt, pepper, basically just a beef rub. But really liked it. Got the backwoods fired up and in the 250 range. Took about 1:45 mins to get to 140 that's...
  5. frosty91

    Red pepper breast, first time electric smoker

    Got a landmann electric smoker for free. I'm a charcoal and wood guy usually never had an electric smoker. But won't turn down a free smoker. Bought some pre marinated chicken breast, got them on right now will see how it does! Will have que view later!
  6. frosty91

    Smoked sausage calzones

    Had left over smoked sausage so I searched the forums for a good dough recipe and found one easy enough. Made the dough and let it rise, separated them into 4 rolls and flattened them. While I was waiting for it to rise I cut up green pepper, red pepper, onion and the sausage. Spread pizza sauce...
  7. frosty91

    Rope sausage on new backwoods

    I bought a backwoods smoker yesterday. It was used and about 5 years old but in great shape. Got a good deal on it also. I think it's going to be a huge step up from my brinkman trail master for long cooks. I've never used a water pan or deflector in my smokers before so it will be a learning...
  8. frosty91

    Is this smoker worth it?

    I found a backwoods cabinet style smoker close by on Craigslist. Price tag is $850, it's used but looks to be in decent shape from pictures. I've been considering gettin a cabinet style anyways, I do a lot of backyard cooking and 2-3 kcbs comps in the summer. And for my comps I have a 6x12...
  9. frosty91

    Stuffed pork loins and chops

    This past weekend I made some stuffed loins and chops. First time stuffing them but a total success! For the chops I just sliced them off one of the loins. For both of them I just butterflied them down the middle, and for filling I used, herbs and chives cream cheese, cheddar cheese, chopped...
  10. frosty91

    Abt holder/rack

    Picked this up at rural King. It's a drumstick holder for chicken but after looking at it thought it would make a good pepper holder, works out quite nice, can't fit a whole lot of peppers in there but for two people it's perfect. And instead of halfing my pepper I core them out with my new...
  11. frosty91

    Catering for 100 people need a little help

    I've done catering for at most 25 people with pulled pork and all the fixings. But I have a gig coming up for 100 people and they want me to just do the pulled pork. How many shoulders do you guys think and how much you think to charge? I buy 8 shoulders for 94 dollars at SAMs.
  12. frosty91

    Keeping my wood from burning to quick?

    Hey guys I use a brinkman trailmaster. And I've had it for almost 3 years now, I use charcoal for main heat source and wood for the smoke. I have always just thrown the chunk of wood on the coals to get my smoke. Decided to try this to keep the wood from burning up to quick? Thoughts or...
  13. frosty91

    Eat cabbage on New Years for good luck

    My grandpa has always had cabbage for New Years, says its for good luck for the year. I think it's a German tradition maybe. So today I chopped up 2 heads with some onion and bacon, 1 can of beer, 2 beef boyon cubes, a stick of butter, tony c's seasoning and black pepper. Put all of this in...
  14. frosty91

    Need some ideas! Coke machine smoker!

    I have another thread posted of my build, but I'm making this one to get some ideas and tips. Any are appreciated! So I haven't got too far on the build yet but plan to, tough with a one year old! Let's start by saying I have a 70's Coke machine. so far I have the inside gutted, and the bottom...
  15. frosty91

    First time stew making

    I got a lodge DO given to me by my father in law. It's a nice oven but it doesn't had the lid with the lip or any legs. It's a 12. But nice piece, so I'm trying it out today for the first time, making a stew. First I cleaned up the oven as it was used before. Wiped it down with veggie oil and...
  16. frosty91

    4 pork butts with Q-View to make your eyes water

    Getting married next weekend and I'm in charge of the rehearsal dinner and all the fixins so we got 4 pork butts. Gonna pull it and seal and save it for next weekend, and eat the money muscles with friends tonight. Let me know what to think! All about them bones!
  17. frosty91

    First time smoked meat loaf

    Trying my first smoked meat loaf this evening. In the smoker as we speak. I used 2 lbs of hamburger, and 1 lb of jimmy dean sausage. Chopped onion, and half a green pepper. One egg, tablespoon of Jeffs rub and a little rub on top. I thought about going with the hot jimmy dean but just stuck with...
  18. frosty91

    Mods to the brinkman

    I have the brinkman trailmaster limited edition for about 2 years now and just getting around to doing some mods. Seems like anything I've read about them they all leak around the smoker door. Mine does as well, I guess I just got use to cooking around it. But I just installed some clamps and...
  19. frosty91

    Is it possible??

    Is it possible you think to get 2 pork butts at the same temp at 155 set to 200 set in 3 hours? They've been on 10 hours 6-7 lbrs
  20. frosty91

    Practice competition chicken

    I have a kcbs competition next week. It's my first comp ever. I got the ribs down, the pork butt down. The brisket pretty much down I hope, but too expensive to be practicing with brisket so let's hope for the best. Chicken is an easy one to practice so here it is. I trimmed up some boneless...
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