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  1. dwaytkus

    Black Bear & Cheddar Pepperoni and Black Bear & Cheddar snack Sticks

    Well decided to make up another batch of Bear Pepperoni and decided to also make some snack sticks as I only had enough Pepperoni Seasoning left to do 6 lbs. Meat mixture consisted of: 7 lbs Black Bear 5 lbs pork shoulder 2 lbs Fatty pork. Used Sausage Maker Pepperoni seasoning with soy...
  2. dwaytkus

    UMAI + Pre-ground meat =. ??????

    Just wondering if I bought pre ground pork/beef mixture which is fine ground if it will work in the UMAI process? Has anyone tried this? Thanks, Dan
  3. dwaytkus

    Projects with lots of pics

    It's been a while since I've been on. Here are a few projects I've completed. Hope everyone is doing well. Dan Venison trail bologna chubs and venison polish sausage. Cajun Alligator sausage Smoked Lake Trout &a Landlocked Salmon Black Bear Pepperoni Cheddar Hot Links Goose Pastrami
  4. dwaytkus

    REDEMPTION!! Kabanosy

    Well some of you may have seen my post from a couple weeks ago about a failed attempt to make Kabanosy.  The failure was my spice level and it having no taste.  There was many of you that had some feedback and I thank you.  So I had to make another batch cause it just bothers me untill I get it...
  5. dwaytkus

    1sy time Kabanosy help!

    So I made Kabanosy for the first time.  I used the recipe I have seen many use both here and on other websites.   12 lbs pork shoulder 2 1/4 C     Water 6 tsp        Black Pepper 3 tsp        Caraway 3 tsp        Nutmeg 9 tsp        Salt 1 1/2 tsp   Sugar 3 tsp        Garlic Powder 2 1/2        ...
  6. dwaytkus

    Weather proofing my Auber PID HELP!! Tell me your MOD.

    I recently acquired an Auber PID for my MES 30.   I want to weather proof it some how so I dont' have to worry about rain during an overnight smoke or snow or the elements that could ruin this expensive device.   I have done some searching but couldn't find anything. How are you guys doing...
  7. dwaytkus

    First successful Kielbasa!! Cheddar style w/PIcs

    So when I first got my smoker I made some venison Kielbasa.  And it came out terrible due to my fault.  I cooked at too high of heat and all the fat rendered out.   So after being on this forum for a while now and reading tons I have learned alot.  I have upgraded my smoker with an Auber PID...
  8. dwaytkus

    Grinder issues - Help

    I have a 1 Hp Commercial Cabelas Grinder and has always ran good.  Lately when running the meat through the small diameter plate the meat does not come through the die normally.  By normal I mean very slow and not through all holes and it is emulsified.   Question.  Could I need a new cutting...
  9. dwaytkus

    Fat back vs. pork shoulders

    some sausage recipes call for pork shoulder and some fat. Does it matter? I have access to free fat backs but shoulders are pricey.
  10. dwaytkus

    help needed now!

    I'm making hot dogs like i have before and poaching them. Cure was added and they are not turning pink like they have before???
  11. dwaytkus

    store bought sausage. what casings?

    Question. Store bought Italian sausage links. What casing is used? They don't look like natural and are extremely clear.
  12. dwaytkus

    collagen vs. cellulose. your opinion please

    I'm liking to make another round of hotdogs. Last time i used collagen and loved them. I've been doing some reading on cellulose casings. What is your preference?'
  13. dwaytkus

    Smoker Modification Help for AMNPS

    Ok so I have pretty much given up on getting my AMNPS to work as a cold smoker in my Masterbuilt.  So here is try #2.  I have obtained a Brinkman Electric smoker and removed the electric portion.  I set it up today as the pics show with the AMNPS in the bottom and it was close.  What would be...
  14. dwaytkus

    bark on pastrami

    So what is the trick to getting the bark on Corned beef brisket? Smoker Temp.?
  15. dwaytkus

    amnps and MES analog problems

    Ok having problems with my new AMNPS cold smoking. Getting lots of white smoke and will not flow out smoke hole and the pellets go out. I've tried cracking door and putting a desk fan pointed up through drip hole. Ive talked with Todd but am hoping someone has a new suggestion that will work...
  16. dwaytkus

    whole hog price opinion

    Okay so I'm looking for your opinion on buying a pig already raised. The price is $250 for a 300-330 lb hog. Is this a good price versus buying all the meat in store?
  17. dwaytkus

    Labor day ribs in MES30

    Well fired the smoker up today to cook me and my girl up some ribs. Now I'm a spare rib guy and I usually just throw the whole rack in, but this time I trimmed them up. Both racks got rubbed down and on the smoker. After 3 hours I wrapped my rack up with some magic ingredients. Her rack kept...
  18. dwaytkus

    venison Pastrami, chicken and Lobster....Enjoy

    Well I have been drooling over venison Pastrami posts for months now and decided it was time. I used Pops brine as the base for my brine and added some pickling spices and garlic. After 12 days in the brine they were ready for some mustard and rub before hitting the smoker. I think this is...
  19. dwaytkus

    pops brine for corned beef???

    I have used pops a lot. But if I wanted to brine to then make pastrami do I add anything to pops? I see pickling spices in a lot of recipes.
  20. dwaytkus

    first fatties and a brisket

    Well after months of drooling over everyone's pics I finally made a couple fatties. One was chicken breast with spinach and mushroom. the second was venison burger with mushroom,onion,garlic and steak sauce. Here are some pics. I also through in a 3 lb brisket. Man even the little guys...
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