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  1. betaboy

    Funny story after Doc put me under.

    Long story short, yesterday I had a procedure that I needed to be put under with anesthesia. While I was waking up the nurses rolled me into the room where my wife was waiting. I don't remember any of this but my wife said I woke up and declared to everyone in the room: "I HAD A DREAM!!!!" At...
  2. betaboy

    Venison Roast For Sammies. Need Advice.

    So I was digging in the freezer and found a venison roast, hiding near the bottom from last year. Now, what to do with it? I was searching around and came across two older posts from Bearcarver. Rare Roast Beef Smoked Venison Dried Beef (Very nice posts by the way Bear!!!!!) My initial...
  3. betaboy

    Bake bread on the smoker?

    Well, my oven element went out on the kitchen stove and I was hankering for some biscuits and gravy. I ended up making some drop biscuits on the LP grill by using two bricks on the grate to hold my baking sheet further from the flame. Sorry I didn't get any pictures but they turned out ok for...
  4. betaboy

    Birthday Baby Backs

    I was wanting to get some spare ribs for my Bday, but baby backs is all I could find, soooo..... Wife's famous pasta/veg slaw, some smoked jalapeno poppers, ribs and of course a birthday cookie! I had the ABTs on the smoker for 2 hours and they were darn good! First time smoking them and...
  5. betaboy

    Fancy not too Shmancy Salmon

    Well, it was my wife's birthday last week and she wanted smoked salmon so I was going to try Disco's Fancy Shmancy version. Well, I ended up getting the flu or some awful crap the day before so all I could manage was to fillet the one belly side and pin it with a small skewer (no butchers string...
  6. betaboy

    Beef ribs on the new offset

    Well, here is my first cook on the new offset. Beef back ribs. Seasoned. Salt and pepper. 1 hour in, had to peek and see how much rain was sitting in the bottom of the cooker. Only a little, but it was coming down hard for a bit there. Eeek! A tweak to the intake damper and the offset...
  7. betaboy

    Look what my wife/son gave me!

    I've been tinkering with my UDS for a little while and it's not going anywhere, but I got a new toy! I've never used an offset, but after seasoning it I learned pretty darn quick. She must have gotten tired of listening to me talk about an offset so here we go, it was cheap and on sale at...
  8. betaboy

    Stick burner UDS?

    Did a little searching and didn't find much information. I'm running a UDS stick burner that is pretty, well lets just say it's not fancy. Makes great food though! I burn ash in it since it's (laying down) everywhere on my property. I'm just wondering what others do to control temp, or if ash is...
  9. betaboy

    New guy checking in!

    Well, I've been a lurker here for awhile now and finally decided to join. Name is Alex and I'm from Minnesota. Even though I've been a long time fan of indirect grilling, I just started smoking meats this year. I guess it was just a matter of time before the smoking bug bit me, and bit me really...
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