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  1. kesmc27

    Let's eat

    Done and done
  2. kesmc27

    Adam would not have shared this rib

    Even Abam would not have shared this rib with Eve.....Well maybe a taste. Smoked up some 3,2,1 ribs. Wanted to do a smoke before this weeks turkey so I laid some baby backs down. Rubbed and wrapped over night. Fired the old girl up at 10:30 and brought to 230 degrees. Put in the ribs and...
  3. kesmc27

    Chicken Cordon Bleu fattie

    Usually asked by the younger guys at work, "What's up this weekend, fishin?" Nope. "Hunting?" Nope. Smokin a fattie! They look at me really stange and say, "You always have been stuck in the seventies." Ya, but no, in my smoker, a chicken fattie. That's what is up today a chicken cordon bleu...
  4. kesmc27

    110 lbs of sausage

    It was a very busy weekend, it was time to make our venison sausage. I always make our sausage but his year we had three deer and with the boy working out of state a lot I needed to wait until he could help me. With all that meat, I needed a stuffer cranked. We did 70 lbs of summer and 40 lbs of...
  5. kesmc27

    Jäger Schnitzel with Morel mushrooms

    I wanted to make something that I use to eat a lot when I was in the Army in Germany so many years ago. I have made this many times but wanted to make it a little special so I decided to use some of the Morels I picked last spring. I use pork tenderloin, filleted in half lengthwise then cut in...
  6. kesmc27

    Jambalaya tonight

    I took a try at jambalaya tonight, it was a scucess . Being from the north my comfort food is more chicken soup or beef stew. This turned out great. Thanks foam heart for the step by step in his post of some time back. Everything happy in the pot. Almost done Bake some muffins for breakfast...
  7. kesmc27

    Injected & smoked TB w/ q-view

    Well this weekend I'm smoking a injected turkey breast for supper. I mixed the injection yesterday. The injection: 1 c chicken broth 1 c lemon juice 1/4 c canning salt 1 T garlic juice 20 shakes hot sauce 1 stick butter The bird has been in the fridge thawing a few days. I took him out and...
  8. kesmc27

    Smoking a ham today

    Put a pork butt in brine 9/28and will be smoking it for supper tonight. I will also be grillin potato bombs, come along for the ride. Deboned and put in brine bucket. Removed and patted dry. Put in the fridge over night. I want to hang my ham so i put it in a ham sock. I heated the smoker to...
  9. kesmc27

    Smoking crappie, sunfish, cats and northern

    Today's I am smoking all the fore mentioned. The fish have been in the brine for about 24 hours and they all have their skin intact. I am going to rinse them and let the air. Gonna fire up the smoker around 1. The plan is to have all the fish ready for happy hour. Camp fire all ready and the...
  10. kesmc27

    Brined and smoked yardbird

    Put in brine yesterday morning. Removed from brine and rinsed. Rubbed with Tony's. Doing something different. Not putting the bird in a sock or just sitting it on the grate, I'm using my beer can holder to set the bird on to get the smoke up in the bird. Heating up the house Put her in. Now...
  11. kesmc27

    Thick chops in pops brine

    We'll I got the ball rolling for smoked thick cut, boneless smoked chops. Our local Cashwise had a sale and I picked up five packages for 20 bucks, four of which I will be puttin to the smoke next weekend. I mixed up a gallon of pops brine and will let sit until next weekend. Stay tuned...
  12. kesmc27

    Reinhard's German Gumbo

    Today I am trying Reinhards German gumbo. Being from a small German town in Minnesota, sauerkraut is common in our house. When I saw this recipe I new I had to give it a shot. You can come along if you like. I'll post some q-view. Steve
  13. kesmc27

    Smoking scarbelly drumsticks

    Tonight's supper smoked scarbelly drumsticks, fried potatoes and asparagus. More pictures to follow....
  14. kesmc27

    German sausage from stuff to smoke

    We'll we have another cold weekend here, I hope it will be the last this is getting mighty old this winter! It is time for me to think turkey hunting, fishing on soft water instead of ice. So with that said, nothing better than whipping up a batch of sausage. Today I am grinding and stuffing...
  15. kesmc27

    5 lb's of beef jerky today

    I have had a sliced 5lb beef roast marinating all week and this morning is time to smoke it. I fired up the smoker and put the meat in at 8:30. It's is setting at almost 160 and no smoke. I will put in some hickory at 9:30.
  16. kesmc27

    Turkey and pheasant smoke

    Today I am smoking two turkeys and two pheasants. Just fired up the smaller to warm up. We have a few degrees below zero again this morning. My smoker thermometer does not go that low
  17. kesmc27

    Stuffing andouille today

    Started the morning off right, ground and stuffed 5 lbs of andouille. Things are going good, everything in casing and hanging. I will let them hang until tomorrow morning and then let the smoking begin! The only thing good about these temps in the single digits is it's great smoking weather...
  18. kesmc27

    Chicken Breast fatti this afternoon

    Just got the fatti ready for this afternoons smoke. Weaved the bacon slices. Then I flattened the breasts, coated with Dijon mustard, sprinkled with spicy garlic sea salt and added Swiss and provolone cheese I put the breasts together and rolled up in the bacon I rolled up in tinfoil and...
  19. kesmc27

    A MAZE N Tube question

    I built an new smoker not long ago and want to do my first bacon. I have a hard time keeping the temp below 100 with my burner. I thought about getting a hot plate, but then discovered the a maze n tube here on this wonderful site. I am thinking it would be the ticket in my new smoker for bacon...
  20. kesmc27

    Hi from Minnesota

    Been lurking for a couple years. Have built three smoke houses. Just tore my small one apart to build my new. My large is 4x7 my new is 38 wide 19 deep and 5' tall. I have been making my own venison since 91, ya I'm old. Here is a picture from a couple weeks ago.
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