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  1. dwaytkus

    Black Bear & Cheddar Pepperoni and Black Bear & Cheddar snack Sticks

    I really like their mix. My personal preference is to slightly over season with it as it's a bit mild if you measure it exact. Example 5 lbs of meat but use seasoning for 5 1/2lbs.
  2. dwaytkus

    Black Bear & Cheddar Pepperoni and Black Bear & Cheddar snack Sticks

    I've also seen that page.   I typically use NFDM for all my sausages however the Pepperoni came with soy so I used that up.  Because this was wild game and Bear to boot and had to achieve a higher internal temp they were not really moist but still had moisture.  They came out perfect!   
  3. dwaytkus

    Black Bear & Cheddar Pepperoni and Black Bear & Cheddar snack Sticks

    Yes sir 165 internal temp. Although I have read 137 was the magic temp to go above to kill Tricinosis. Here is a good read on Bear and feral pigs. I found other resources that said the same as well. https://honest-food.net/on-trichinosis-in-wild-game/
  4. dwaytkus

    Black Bear & Cheddar Pepperoni and Black Bear & Cheddar snack Sticks

    Well decided to make up another batch of Bear Pepperoni and decided to also make some snack sticks as I only had enough Pepperoni Seasoning left to do 6 lbs. Meat mixture consisted of: 7 lbs Black Bear 5 lbs pork shoulder 2 lbs Fatty pork. Used Sausage Maker Pepperoni seasoning with soy...
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  10. dwaytkus

    UMAI + Pre-ground meat =. ??????

    Just wondering if I bought pre ground pork/beef mixture which is fine ground if it will work in the UMAI process? Has anyone tried this? Thanks, Dan
  11. dwaytkus

    Braised Venison Shanks

    Looks great! Screenshot the recipe! Dan
  12. dwaytkus

    Projects with lots of pics

    I would love to hear about your venison Shank recipe!!!  I have a bunch saved in the freezer.  I was gonna try doing an Osso Buco. I am a butcher so I make pretty quick work of all my cuts.   My wild game freezer   Shoot me a PM we will keep in touch Dan
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  14. dwaytkus

    MES tripping GFCI

    I have a MES 30" Analog and had the same issue a couple years ago.  It ended up being a bad element.
  15. dwaytkus

    Projects with lots of pics

    I usually keep around 50 lbs of venison to grind each year.  20 lbs of Italian Sausage, 15 lbs of Breakfast Sausage & 15 lbs of burger.  Any additional grind goes toward smoked sausage of some sort.  Roasts go to pastrami or pot roast.  Ill have to give this a pastrami a shot.  I bet it makes...
  16. dwaytkus

    Projects with lots of pics

    I checked out your post and man that looks great!  I'm gonna have to try that for sure. I make Venison Pastrami every year out of the roasts.  I can't keep it in my freezer because all my friends and family want some  :-) Here is a Venison Pastrami pic and a Elk Heart Pastrami as well.
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  18. dwaytkus

    Pastrami Loaf with QView!!!

    This looks fantastic!  I'm gonna have to try this for sure. Points!
  19. dwaytkus

    Projects with lots of pics

    Thanks everyone.  I harvest a lot of different wild game meat and fish and try to incorporate them into a smoked product.   The trail bologna was my first time doing a smoke in larger casings and it turned out excellent.  I definitely can't wait to do more of this size. Up next on my project...
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