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  1. bngood


    can anyone tell me about how much broth to inject into a brisket i would like to try it that way because mine keep coming out dry .temp is 225 wrap at 170 out at 192 to rest,, maverick 732 is ok, temps in box are ok, they seem over cooked could it be because they are dry. smokin tex 1400. thaks...
  2. bngood


    hi all, happy mothers day to those that are. i was sittin here just wondering for the backyard smoker which smoker reins the best out of all which one is used the most, i thought it was a good ? electric,propane or charcoal.lets here some feed back please
  3. bngood

    interesting info

    hi all, as some of you no i have been having a lot of trouble with my masterbuilt propane,smoker i have been in contact via email with customer service . first they sent me a regulator then they sent me a door i put a seal on the door now they say i have a burner on the way.i had an idea and...
  4. bngood

    heat spike

    is any body out there having trouble with the mb vert chip/chunk pan getting to hot with embers and causing the temp to spikedidnt think i was useing to much would it is what mb recommended but it gets to hot half way though any fixes out there. thanks
  5. bngood


    hi everyone, ? about heat stabilazation,would it be better to use sand in the water pan in the winter to hold heat a little  better than water. or am i full of bolonga
  6. bngood

    more room

    can you hang meat in a vert smoke like ribs and brisket in the whole form there to wide for mine
  7. bngood

    1st butt it worked despite all the problems

  8. bngood

    dial control

    problem; mb vert gas smokehouse dial seems like there is no control down low its either 21o or 260 nothing between as far as ajusting it just bounces al around between the to. help
  9. bngood


    im having trouble getting temp down on mb vert 21 degrees outside and i down as far as dial will go bounce around 240 to 244 any thoughts. thanks
  10. bngood


    when preparing a butt should you trim any fat or leave it all, should you put rub on the night before or the day of the smoke and should you put the fat up or down and does foiling the butt change the bark
  11. bngood

    sorry more infoplease

    when checking thermometer in boiling water reads 212 you can trust. it correct. also should you set smoker probe on a block of wood or something so it doesnt touch metal. thanks again
  12. bngood

    need info

    hi all, is there a rule of thumb when to stop adding smoke so you dont get to much. i no personal preference but.and does the plateau happen all the time or just now and then. thanks for the input
  13. bngood


    i've noticed some guys smoke a lot of meat at once more than can be consumed at 1 meal guess i'm stupid do you freeze it for later and is it still as good if you do sorry to be dumb and confused.thanks for i any info
  14. bngood

    2nd go at it

    thanks for the help i got from all of you very much appreciated. i think i might understand a bit better  now
  15. bngood

    1st try

    well all is well in colorado springs a balmy 60 degress wow what a day.well fired up the smoker mb propane and gave it a try did some chicken breast as a start they came out really good meat was great and juicy rub was good smoke was not so good used cherry wood for 2 hrs not much smoke flavor...
  16. bngood

    new to smokin

    hi my name is nelson live in colorado springs been reading for 1 week now thought i should joih in
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