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  1. wrwoelfel

    Blue Diamond Smokehouse Almonds

    Anyone have any idea what they put on their almonds. I would really like to make some, but have no idea where to look. I've been all over the net, with no luck. Have a 1/2lb raw almonds to try to smoke.
  2. wrwoelfel

    jerky seasoning

    wondering if i can use store bought jerky seasoning for snack sticks.
  3. wrwoelfel

    summer sausage

    Just got done with some 50/50 venison/pork SS. started it at 830 this morning at 140 with no smoke. Increased it ever hour by 10 degrees until 180. checked about 5 of them, out of 20 and the all read 160. i have never completed a smoke like this in that short of time. has anyone else been...
  4. wrwoelfel

    Sheep casings

    so I started making some sticks a couple weeks ago and had some extra casing I left in water in the fridge. Had the intent of using it the next day. Well its been more than a day. My question is will they still be good. How do I know if they are bad. There aren't that many left, so wouldn't be a...
  5. wrwoelfel

    pork butt and some chuckies.

    Wasnt sure where to post this since its got both a pork butt and chuck roars in it. Just did these today along with home made, from scratch bread, perogies and some slaw.
  6. wrwoelfel

    Christmas turkey

    How do i get pictures on here from my Droid phone.
  7. wrwoelfel

    Christmas turkey

    Wanted your opinions on smoking a turkey with plum wood. Also what would you use for a brine recipe and what kind of home made rub? Thanks guys, and gals.
  8. wrwoelfel

    Summer sausage doesn't seem done.

    Hey all. I've just done a batch of venison summer sausage. I smoked it at around 200 and let the internal temp get to 165. When I cut it in half to freeze it, it didn't look like it was done. This is my first time doing this. Am I just worrying to much. I've done sticks before with no problem...
  9. wrwoelfel

    Where to place meat

    Started a pork butt this morning. Just dawned on me, does it matter what rack it is placed on? I am cooking on a propane smoker.
  10. wrwoelfel

    first pork butt

    Well started my first pork butt at 430 this morning. Temp holding at 275. Now to wait.
  11. wrwoelfel

    New to smokin'

    Just started smoking. Did a couple batches of beef sticks. Turned out ok. I know not to you the casing that you don't have to soak in water. They seemed a little tough to me and the family. Bought a Grill Pro propane smoker. Hoping to try out a pork butt tonight or I should say morning.
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