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  1. pm0084

    Pulled Pork ...cheated a bit...but it was great

    Ok...so the wife wanted some pulled pork for dinner and I needed some to take to work for lunches this week...so off to Walmart. Started with a nice trimed 8.5 pound butt. Gave it the rub down...which is where I cheated. I was feeling a bit rub mixing lazy...so I did the unthinkable...bought...
  2. pm0084

    12 pound Turkey

    A bit late, but we decided to smoke a small turkey as a test. Started with a 12 pound turkey 6% solution. No brining for this bird just a generous lather of butter and herb rub above and below the skin. Smoked at 230 with maple for about 4 hours. Then upped to 275 for about 30 min to crisp...
  3. pm0084

    Yep...it's a brisket

    I had a few requests to do another brisket, so who am I to say no. Started with a 7.5lb Costco brisket flat. Seasoned with the standard SPOG, smoked in Oak. Just hit 160 IT and wrapped...more to come.
  4. pm0084

    Loaf of Smoked Meat...AKA Meatloaf

    Decided to try a meatloaf on the smoker and see how things turn out. Not anything special for this loaf really. 2lb Ground Chuck Red Onion Yellow Onion Green Onion Feta Cheese Salt Pepper Touch of chopped Garlic Smoked the loaf at 235 with Oak, took about 3 hours until it hit 162 IT. I...
  5. pm0084

    Finally tried my first Brisket smoke

    After a few smokes under my belt now, I decided to drop some $ on a brisket...definitely was not cheap, but I needed to make the jump and build some more smoking confidence. I ended up with 7lb Costco flat Trimmed and seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and a bit of chile powder...
  6. pm0084

    Another pulled Pork thread...with Maple

    Was off for a few days so I decided to toss a nice Butt into the MES. Rub: Pepper, salt, garlic powder, brown sugar, a bit of chile powder. Smoke: 240 with Maple Wood Overall an awsome butt, definitely loved the maple wood...not to strong, but not to weak, almost perfect for pork. It will be...
  7. pm0084

    Breakfast Fattie

    Decided to try my hand at a basic breakfast fattie. Beef & Sausage mix Egg Hash brown potatos Onion Peppers Pepper Jack cheese Of course...bacon Smoked with maple wood for 2 hours. I did glaze the outside with maple syrup...to add some sweetness, but no luck..the syrup did not really come...
  8. pm0084

    Rolled me a big fatty

    I took the day off work, wife and kids were away for the day...so after some yard chores, I rolled a big fatty for dinner. Ingredients Beef/Sausage mix 80/20 Bacon wrap :) Chedder Pepper Jack Onion Pub burger seasoning Smoke Hickory & Apple 250 degrees Held together nicely I had some...
  9. pm0084

    Dueling Pork Butts

    We are having a birthday party today so we decided on some pulled pork. We planed on 10-12 people so I picked up one about 8 pounds. I get home from work and find out we now had 20 people coming over...must of heard I was smoking pulled pork :) So I picked up another 8.5 butt.
  10. pm0084

    Another Chuckie

    Needed some healthy eats for work this week, so decided to smoke a chuckie, based off how well the last one turned out. Started with a 3lb Choice Chuckie Salt, pepper, garlic, woshie sauce Sat over night. 0830: On the smoker at 240 (hickory) 1200: Sitting at 140 IT...my last one stalled about...
  11. pm0084

    Smoked BBQ Chicken Breast

    Decided to put some chicken breast on the smoker instead of the grill today. It was sort of last minute, so i did nothing special to the breast before hand. Chicken Breast Salt Pepper Bbq sauce Smoked at 255 with Hickory till chicken was 165. The chicken did pick up some nice smoke and the...
  12. pm0084

    Beef Chuck...1st try

    Was at the local Walmart when this on sale choice chuckie was starring me down. I have been wanting to try one since getting my smoker, so no better time than now. Its sitting in the the fridge wrapped now...salt, pepper, and woshie sauce. Any tips before tomorrows smoke will be appreciated...
  13. pm0084

    Pulled Pork #2

    First one turned out great...so I got a request to make another for some friends who are visiting. This time out its a 8 pound bone in pork shoulder. Hit it with the rub and onto the MES it went. 240 degrees Hickory
  14. pm0084

    Graduation Pulled Pork

    Decided to take a shot and do some pulled pork for our daughters graduation party tomorrow afternoon...there will be plenty of food, so i am only out $13 for meat if things dont work out. This is my first so wish me luck. Got a 8.6lb bone in pork shoulder. Rubbed with mustard, salt, pepper...
  15. pm0084

    First smoke...Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breast, Feta stuffed, and Bacon wrapped

    Ok as promised...some Q View First smoke...so here we go :) 1430: Boneless breast, stuffed and wrapped. Topped with Bbq sauce, pepper, garlic, and a bit of applewood rub. 1500: Smoker @ 240...in they go 1530: Hitting it with the TBS 1800: 3hrs in the Hickory and Applewood smoke. Pulled @...
  16. pm0084

    Greetings from Virginia

    I am from the Fredericksburg area of VA, and am pretty new to smoking meat...as in never.  I have always been an avid griller and can cook some mean chicken and steaks, but wanted to expand my horizons a bit after stopping at a few of those road side BBQ joints and falling in love.  To be honest...
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