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  1. fire phil

    250 gal propane tank offset smoker build

    My smoker can hold 30 Boston butts. 6 on each top rack and 9 on each the bottom . As for Temp. I have cooked 20lbs of chicken leg 1/4's for the guys at work and from start to finish counting worming the smoke up I only used 8 splits of wood. cooked for 2 1/2 HRs . looking forward to seeing Pic...
  2. fire phil

    250 gal propane tank offset smoker build

    your welcome . and by the way you can see were I said that this was my first time ever building something at all. Loved the build "ALMOST" as much as I do cooking and eating off of it
  3. fire phil

    250 gal propane tank offset smoker build

    Hi ''JC in GB '' . I have just got back to reading posts on here and started reading your's because I to built a 250 gal smoker . Daveomak was a big help to me on my build. Just fallow the number's and you will be fine. Like Dave was saying earlier about the testimony to the calculated formula...
  4. 4th July Ribs

    4th July Ribs

  5. fire phil

    4th July Ribs

    Cooked 10 racks of ribs in my RF Smoker at I am still working on the rest on trailer build. I cooked 9 of them by 3hrs on smoke then wrapped in foil with Apple juice and honey. But one rack I did not foil just sprayed with the Apple juice and honey very 30mins or so. I think I will try this way...
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  8. fire phil

    First smoke!!

    Looks awesome. Will have to try the onions.
  9. fire phil

    Fund raiser.

    Sorry I ment Newby bottles the bullet.
  10. fire phil

    Fund raiser.

    You can look at my build here at newby frist build. On the RF form
  11. fire phil

    Fund raiser.

    Far left. Still like finishing the trailer parts. Like wood storage, countertop, grill box and cooler.
  12. fire phil

    Fund raiser.

    Loned my smoker to a local church that is doing a fund raiser. Stoped by to talk with the guys on my way in to work tonight. They are cooking 186 butts there is a 5th smoker around the corner.
  13. Fund raiser.

    Fund raiser.

  14. 20170623_162613.jpg


  15. fire phil

    Smoke salmon on RF.

    Started with 4 fillet salmon. Made a pan with foil and added my seasoning along with some butter & lemon juice. Smoked at low temp.with cherry. Cooked to IT 145. It was very good
  16. Smoke salmon on RF.

    Smoke salmon on RF.

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