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  1. milkman55

    UMAi Curing Experience

    I bought the starter kit from UMAi to give cold curing a try. I started with some Bresaola and Capicola. I just sliced these after the Bresaola had been in the frig about 6 weeks. The Capicola took about 8 weeks to achieve 40% weight loss. Great flavor on both. I just put a 5 lb rolled...
  2. milkman55

    New VIVO Stuffer - NOLA Andouille

    I had made about 5 batches of different sausage with my KitchenAid grinder/stuffer before I sprang for a stuffer. After a little research settled on the VIVO stuffer off Amazon for $107. I tried it out on the NOLA andouille sausage today and wow what a difference. It made quick work of 5 lbs...
  3. milkman55

    Chicken Sausage with Dried Fruit

    I had been wanting to make some chicken sausage since everything I had done so far was pork and my wife likes chicken. I found a recipe on a sausage site that used dried fruit. I bought a bag of frozen skinless boneless thighs from Costco and measured out 5 lbs and ground them frozen. The...
  4. milkman55

    Chicken Lollipops with Cherry Butter Miso Glaze

    I had made some pork belly with this cherry miso glaze I hacked from an apple butter miso recipe. The pork belly was so good, I decided to use the left over glaze to make some chicken lollipops. Good fortune that the local market has chicken legs for 55 cent, so $2 later I had a package of ten...
  5. milkman55

    Smoked Piggy Pops

    Found this recipe in Jeff's recipe emails. It looked easy and great appetizer. http://www.smoking-meat.com/january-14-2016-apple-smoked-piggy-pops These were outstanding and super easy. I bought a large package of country style ribs at Costco and cut them into cubes and froze six package of...
  6. milkman55

    20 lbs of Leg Quarters

    My local grocery had their 10 lb bags of chicken leg quarters for $3.90 per bag. So two bags later, I had 20 lbs of chicken soaking in the Slaughterhouse Brine overnight. I then dried them off and trimmed any excess skin and tails and added Jeff's Rub liberally to all the parts. Fired up...
  7. milkman55

    Porker of a Weekend

    Just had my MES 30 about a month, but it has been busy with about 10 smokes in 30 days. I was in Costco yesterday and picked up a 13 lb boneless pork butt, a 10 lb pork belly and 5 lbs of sweet Italian Sausage, so 28 lbs of pork goodness. I started out with cutting the pork belly in half and...
  8. milkman55

    First Sausage in my MES30

    I picked Andouille sausage using Emeril's receipe and added 3/4 tsp of cure #1 since it didn't contain any. I pricked both sides of the casing to release any bloating tendency. They are drying in the frig right now to smoke later today. I had done some beef sticks with collagen casings, but...
  9. milkman55

    Best wood chips for MES 30

    Our local HEB has 3 lb bags of wood chips for smoking for $1.87 each. I bought Hickory, Oak, Mesquite, Cherry and Apple so far. They have a few more fruit woods available. I am on my third smoke and making beef snack sticks. I had used hickory for the first two smokes and they went well with...
  10. milkman55

    New Smoker, First Smoke

    Got an MES 30 for a retirement gift and I fired it up today after seasoning it yesterday. Brined two birds and a pork butt in the frig over night and used KC Rub on both. Smoked with hickory and the birds were at 165f in about 4 hrs. I wrapped the pork in foil when I took the birds off and...
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