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  1. willy2763

    Italian Sausage & Peppers Po-Boy......I'm ready for some Monday Night Football

    That looks great! I went with the LEM stuffer and love it. I just ordered an LEM grinder and will post pics when I break it in. I need to do some Italian sausage after seeing this!
  2. Beef Shorties

    Beef Shorties

  3. willy2763

    Beef Shorties

    Did these today on the WSM for 3 and 1/2 hours at 235*.Average internal  temp was 180-190. 
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  6. willy2763

    First try at Jamaican Jerk chicken

    I didn't rig up my thermometer or anything, just kept it simple. I dumped a full chimney of coals on one side of the Weber. I rubbed these up with Walkerswood Jerk seasoning last night and let them sit in the fridge overnight in a ziplock bag. I did these wings and drums along with a separate...
  7. First try at Jamaican Jerk chicken

    First try at Jamaican Jerk chicken

  8. willy2763

    First try at Jamaican Jerk chicken

    Used Walkerswood on the old Weber kettle. I used some hickory chips also, took maybe 45 minutes over indirect heat. I crisped the skin over the coals at the end. Came out tasty! 
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  10. willy2763

    Newbie from TN

    Welcome! I'm in the Boro also. This site is a wealth of info. Glad to see another Mid TN member.
  11. willy2763

    RIBS!!! Q-VIEW

    Great picture! End result makes it all worth it!
  12. willy2763

    Any Thai/Indian food fan out there who have some recipe ideas?

    I don't have much to add, but I am a fan of Thai food and think it would be great to make a Thai/bbq fusion. I have always wanted to put the sweet Thai chili pepper sauce on a pork butt. You know the sweet syrup with pepper flakes that they serve with spring rolls. Maybe as a sauce for a pork...
  13. willy2763

    So Cal Mom...Smokin' Virgin

    Yes, welcome! Thanks for your family's service. This is a great place to learn and participate. Lovely avatar by the way!
  14. willy2763

    New addition to the family

    I have been wanting one for a while now. I have been using my Weber kettle for smokes along with my MES 30, but this opens up the possibilities. I have two people that want me to do ribs for them every time I smoke, so I need some added capacity. It held it's temps really steady yesterday so I'm...
  15. New addition to the family

    New addition to the family

  16. willy2763

    New addition to the family

    Just got a 18.5" WSM and couldn't wait to try it out. I decided to try the basic chicken roast/smoke for a trial run. Came out great! Tomorrow I'll throw on some ribs. The lower pic is when I was crisping the skin over the coals in the last 10 minutes of the cook. It settled out at 333* with the...
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  19. willy2763

    Beef Short Ribs with Q-view

    I like the brandy idea! I am always wanting to put butter on beef also, maybe a mix of the two would be appropriate.
  20. willy2763

    Second attempt at hotdogs

    I use Syracuse Casings http://www.makincasing.com/x/home.php    I have been very happy with them so far.
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