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  1. kesmc27

    Smoker build: Attempt 1

    Your house looks very fine and will for sure do what you want it to! Your thoughts are also accurate. always easy to open a vent if you have it but impossible if it is not there. Vent are great control. Cannot see by my pictures but I have one on the bottom door by the burner and two on the top...
  2. kesmc27

    Smoker build: Attempt 1

    I use nothing other than heat and then smoke, lots of smoke. I heat the smoker up to 300 degrees for some time (hour) to insure it is good and dry then I smoke it empty with apple, oak for a day.
  3. kesmc27

    Sweet Thai Chili Wings

    Great looking wings! May have to try your recipe. Steve
  4. kesmc27

    Cajun Smoked Sausages ~ Foamheart

    Nice lookin sausage! Great job... Steve
  5. kesmc27

    Jambalaya tonight

  6. kesmc27

    Bacon wrapped chicken fingers

    You are making my mouth water again..... Steve
  7. kesmc27

    Smoking crappie, sunfish, cats and northern

    That is why we cant get the recipe's right....But they are nice enough to give us the step by step...I have gotten many ideas and great recipes from our southern friends.... thank you! Steve
  8. kesmc27

    Smoking crappie, sunfish, cats and northern

    I usually plan on around 3 hours. The fillets should flake with a fork or I use a hand held and look for 140-150 degree mark. I smoke 150. Steve
  9. kesmc27

    Smoking crappie, sunfish, cats and northern

    Ahhh yes.. How soon I forget. My smoked fish always have the skin on. Steve
  10. kesmc27

    Smoking crappie, sunfish, cats and northern

    I have used tin foil if the fillets are too small to stay on the grate and or have no skin.The side on the foil will be white unless you flip half way through your smoke.
  11. kesmc27

    Rye Bread, Corned Beef, St Paddies ~ Foamheart UPDATED

    Foamy, Everything look great as usual except, you need to try one of these brews from my neck of the woods! Steve  
  12. kesmc27

    Chicken Cordon Bleu fattie

    I use apple and alder for these. I wanted a more mellow smoke. Steve
  13. kesmc27

    Chicken Cordon Bleu fattie

    I did a single layer but more is always better, right? I just spread an ever layer over the breasts. Steve
  14. kesmc27

    Jäger Schnitzel with Morel mushrooms

    Thanks Smokinx Never a waste if you eat and enjoy them how they are prepared! Steve
  15. kesmc27

    What did you smoke on Turkey day? - need pics

    Just this here bird. The picture is a little fuzzy. Must have been from holding a beer, fork, drooling and trying to take a picture at the same time.... Steve
  16. kesmc27

    The Thanksgiving is Over Turkey ~ Foamheart

    Nice lookin bird... Steve
  17. kesmc27

    Let's eat

    You're on....
  18. Let's eat

    Let's eat

  19. kesmc27

    Let's eat

    Done and done
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