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  1. kajun58

    Is this a bad idea?

    I use Liquid Smoke as part of my marinade. Marinade for 24 hrs then on dehydrater for 2.5 hours. Turns out really good.
  2. kajun58

    Fillet Mignon (Getting my Money’s Worth)

    Nice job!! That's how I like mine done. :)
  3. kajun58

    Anybody like pecan wood?

    I smoke Boudin. & Andouille sausage with nothing but pecan. Not to strong and not to mild. Just right.
  4. kajun58

    Boudin weekend

    Thanks,I have tried it different ways but always go back to my dad's recipe. It's the Bomb!!!
  5. kajun58

    Boudin weekend

    Yep , used long grain rice this time. Lots better.
  6. kajun58

    Boudin weekend

    The prep Meat,rice,trinity fresh green onions and seasoning all mixed & ready for stuffer. Fresh & Smoked with pecan I like the smoked better. Then again I like everything smoked,ha
  7. Boudin weekend

    Boudin weekend

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  11. kajun58

    I am looking to purchase a propane smoker!

    Mine came with casters.That was a plus. I put heat proof gasket stripping around inside edge of both doors to prevent smoke and heat lose. I also use a 10" cast iron skillet to hold wood chips instead of the chip pan that came with unit. Also have needle valve on propane bottle to better control...
  12. kajun58

    I am looking to purchase a propane smoker!

    Absolutely love my Masterbuilt. With a few modifications.
  13. I am looking to purchase a propane smoker!

    I am looking to purchase a propane smoker!

  14. 20160220_131221.jpg


  15. kajun58

    A little Friday night meatloaf

    Looks great. I'm hungry now
  16. kajun58

    Feral Boudin

    Yours looks more fluffier than mine. Maybe I try long grain rice next time instead of short grain. Thanks bro.
  17. kajun58

    Boudin ?

    Don's & Best Stop in Scott LA. each sell 2000 pounds of boudin daily so you know it's gotta be good, lol
  18. kajun58

    Feral Boudin

    smoke eatr do you mine sharing your boudin recipe? I got one but just want to compare because yours looks awesome. Thanks
  19. kajun58

    Vacuum sealers?

    I fold paper towel to capture moisture place in bag before sealing.
  20. Vacuum sealers?

    Vacuum sealers?

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