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  1. turn4fun

    Lil' Piggy II coming soon

    Some of you may remember Lil' Piggy, my patio size RF that I built a couple of years ago.  If not, here she is along with a link to her build thread. Lil' Piggy build thread Piggy is smaller than many patio builds, but she fits my needs very well and after smoking with her for 2 1/2 years...
  2. turn4fun

    BVS mod ideas

    So I got a Brinkmann single door square vertical for Christmas a few years back.  Not exactly my first choice in a smoker, but hey it was a gift from my Father-in-law and I had just gotten rid of my old freezer smoker, so I felt obligated to use it.  I do like the size and the style, but it...
  3. turn4fun

    Weird temps in the RF today

    So I built a small RF late last summer and really only used it a handful of times before winter, so I haven't been able to learn all of it's quirks just yet.  Decided to do a couple slabs of ribs today so I got her fired up but can't quite seem to get it to temp.  Not really sure if it's the...
  4. turn4fun

    Jonesin for another build

    Man I got the itch bad to do another build.  Got Lil' Piggy running a cold smoke this afternoon and I've been thinking a lot about how much I enjoyed building her.  I'm halfway planning a mini build with some small tanks I have in the shed, but that's more of a novelty than anything.  I'd really...
  5. turn4fun

    Cold smokin time

    Since it's only about 35 degrees out today I decided to cold smoke some cheese. I dropped two 1/2 pound bricks of sharp cheddar, two 1/2 pound bricks of pepper jack, a pound of muenster, a pound of mozzarella and a bunch of string sticks on Lil' Piggy about 30 mins ago. Got a single ember of...
  6. turn4fun

    Q-view from Lil' Piggy

    When I built Lil' Piggy this summer I didn't think she had quite enough girth to fit a turkey with the grates in, so I was planning to smoke our Thanksgiving turkey in my old Brinkmann vertical which I knew was gonna be a challenge in the 20 degree temps we were expecting.  When I brought our 13...
  7. turn4fun

    I think I made a major miscalculation, please help.

    So I finally got a little time to work on my smoker yesterday evening.  I was hoping to get my firebox put together and weld in the convection plate.  I had just picked up the plates to build my firebox and the first thing I did was cut out the firebox to cooking chamber opening on one of the...
  8. turn4fun

    New guy starting a small RF project

    First off I guess a hello is in order.  My name is Shawn and I'm from Missouri.  Been lurking on the forums here off and on for 3 or 4 years now but somehow have never posted.  I first started smoking food over 20 years ago and have had many great successes as well as a few epic failures.  I'm...
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