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  1. northgaq477

    My new reverse flow

    I prefer to cook with the nose up on my Lang because it allows the smoke to move through the chamber more efficiently.
  2. northgaq477

    Will bacon wrap prevent smoke on your meat?

    It only stayed on a little over 1 hour. I will try it next time at a lower temp. I had ribs on there also so 275 was what I was cooking at already when I put it on. 
  3. northgaq477

    Will bacon wrap prevent smoke on your meat?

    I cooked a 1.5 lb pork tenderloin yesterday on my Lang 48 at 275 with oak wood. I stuffed the tenderloin with sausage and wrapped it with a bacon weave to help retain moisture. I pulled the meat off the smoker at 150 IT and it was done perfectly. The tenderloin did not seem to have a smoked...
  4. northgaq477

    Best ingrediant to add heat

    Cayenne pepper or crushed red pepper is always an easy way to heat it up. If you like the jalapeno taste try cutting some fresh ones open and using the seeds or removing the membrane and chopping it up that should add some extra heat. 
  5. northgaq477

    Pretty new to all this....a few tips needed before my 1st test run please!

    I would start out with a little more than a handful of wood chips for your first cook. When your cooking with mesquite you are better off getting a little less smoke flavor than too much. Mesquite can be bitter is you use too much. I would also recommend you trying the minion method with your...
  6. northgaq477

    PLEASE HELP. Ready to give up

    Looks good. Glad we could help out.
  7. northgaq477

    PLEASE HELP. Ready to give up

    When you add new wood chunks they should set on fire fairly quickly not just sit and smolder because this will cause white smoke that causes creosote on your meat giving it the bad flavor. Keep your coals hot and add the chunks while there still hot and you will have clean blue smoke throughout...
  8. northgaq477

    PLEASE HELP. Ready to give up

    I agree with chef jimmyj. It sounds like your wood chunks are still a little green causing then to smolder instead of burning clean and hot.
  9. northgaq477

    Hello from Georgia

    Hello everyone. I am from Georgia and have been smoking BBQ and for about 5 years now. I am cooking on a Lang 48 original, UDS, and a ceramic grill. I am hoping to share some of my techniques and learn some new ones. 
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