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  1. hank2000

    To much rain

    Well it’s time to cut the garden up. But like it does every year when I tell my wife it’s time to get ready to plant taters and onions it rains for a month. Lol I like to plant my taters about the middle of February but the weather man said to look for about 2 inches of rain this weekend. Oh...
  2. hank2000

    How portable is a blackstone

    Thinking about a Blackstone cook top to take on vacation with us. We always have a big group that goes with us thought it would be nice to have the extra room to cook on. But I would have to put it in my gran caravan to transport it. Can they be taken apart Easly or am I just crazy to be...
  3. hank2000

    Boneless turkey breast

    I love smoked turkey sandwiches. I’ve been looking for a boneless turkey breast to smoke and make my own sandwich meat. But where I live we don’t seem to have that. All we have here is Walmart and a locally owned store. So I’m asking where do y’all buy yours at if you buy that sort of thing?
  4. hank2000

    Ring bologna

    My grand parents used to go viset family in flint Michigan every year. That is where they were from. That always brought back ring bologna from there. Don’t even know where they would get it. I loved it so I have decided to try and make some don’t even know where to start. Does any one know a...
  5. hank2000

    A little rare in the south

    I live about 12 miles from work left at noon going home this is what the road looked like.
  6. hank2000

    Liquid smoke

    My food dehydrator came in today it came with two jerky seasoning packets and cure. I’m assuming it’s cure #1 don’t say. I’m going to use them. After this I’m going to use LEM or Hi Mountain jerky seasoning. My question is it does not say to use liquid smoke but I’m woundering can you do you...
  7. hank2000

    Food dehydrator

    I hope this is posted in the right place. I’m thinking about getting a food dehydrator to make jerky with. I can’t spend much on one right now. So I’ve been looking at some at Walmart but I don’t know what to get. What do I need to look for.
  8. hank2000

    Traeger problems

    Yesterday I cooked a Boneless Prime Rib everything went fine until I turned of my Traeger. I turned it to shut down mode like I always do But instead of the fans running for ten minutes or so like it should and always has everything just went off. Now it won’t do anything no lights nothing. I...
  9. hank2000

    What to do

    i have a piece of brisket in the frig it’s not the point but a piece of the flat I’m going to try and do burnt ends with it I will do this on the MES already getting hot. I am also going to smoke a 4 1/2lb boneless prime rib on the Traeger Now here is the question I have a small Boston butt...
  10. hank2000

    Smoker been cold to long

    I’m smoking a pork butt just to be doing it. My MES has been neglected to long. So here we go hope y’all like it. Got my pellets started I lit both ends we like a little more smoke on our butts Had to put a wind break around it the wind kept blowing it Just for the record it’s about 30...
  11. hank2000

    Christmas present for my traeger

    I have a traeger pellet grill I wanted a blanket for. So for Christmas my wife got me one. Ok how do u post pics on this new site
  12. hank2000

    I messed up

    I am smoking a batch of deer and hog sausage as I am posting this. But I got so carried away while I was making it that I forgot to take pics of it while I was making it. So the best I can do is post pics after it come out of the smoker. I’m sorry I won’t happen again.
  13. hank2000

    Need new thermomater

    Ok guys my old one bit the dust it was an igrill loved it. Worked well for years but it’s time to get a new one. Bluetooth is ok and I might go back to that but I’m thinking wi-fi if I can find one. Does anyone know of good one to get. Thanks
  14. hank2000

    Need a new pressure cooking

    Hi everyone I'm in need of a new pressure cooker got to where I don't trust mt old one. It is really old. What does everyone recommend as far as the safest kind to get. I know u can get them gauges and some with 5-10-15lb weights what is the best
  15. hank2000

    I'm back

    Happy Thanksgiving every one. I've been gone for a while and have missed playing with my smoker and ready and talking to every one here. But such is life. My daughter who is in culinary school is cooking thanksgiving supper this year. She is smoking a 10lb turkey making dressing and gravy...
  16. hank2000

    Grill Grates for my new Trager

    My new grill grates came in today  cooking steaks y new Traeger Lil' Texas Elite. Got it last Friday New Grill Grates in place as it heats up ( the wind gave me a little trouble but we got there Two Rib Eyes all salted up with fresh ground pepper   after a 30 minute worm up on the...
  17. hank2000

    new pellet grill

    well im a pellet head now.  i finally broke down and got trager  i know its not the best but for 500 bucks brand new i had to pull the trigger  i have already ordered grill great sear station and a smoke tube from todd     will be cooking on it tonight
  18. hank2000

    Getting a pellet grill

    Ok I know Traeger is not the best by far but it is with in my price range and Traeger is only the only one sold in my area. The dealer here priced me a Traeger little Texas for $549 out the door. (Not sure if it is the pro or not I will have to ask when I go back). It comes with the new...
  19. hank2000

    Hank' first Wild Hog smoked Sausage

    A friend gave me a wild Hog he killed last weekend. So here we go. Jalapio's and seasonings all mixed up  i use smoked sausage seasoning from a butcher supply here in Mississippi its really good i use it in all my smoked sausage deer pork all of it and cure #1 here is my meat  7lbs wild...
  20. hank2000

    converting MES to a pid

    My brother in law bought a brand new Gen. 1 Mes with a window from QVC.when he got it only worked twice before it started cutting off after a few minutes of use.well Masterbuilt made him cut the cord and take the info plate off the back and sent him a new Gen 2.  a long story short i ended up...
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