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  1. hank2000

    Ends with to much smoke

    The ends cut up in small chunks go real good in purple hull peas, butter beans, and just about any kind of green u can think of. Like turnip,mustar and kale.
  2. hank2000

    Crappies & Air Fried Chips

    Looks good Bear. This reminds me we have on of those air friers wonder why we are not using it more. May have to fix that
  3. hank2000

    To much rain

    I know how u fill. I would have to put pond tunes on my tractor to cut it up right now
  4. hank2000

    To much rain

    Well it’s time to cut the garden up. But like it does every year when I tell my wife it’s time to get ready to plant taters and onions it rains for a month. Lol I like to plant my taters about the middle of February but the weather man said to look for about 2 inches of rain this weekend. Oh...
  5. hank2000

    Question about Masterbuilt

    I love my MES 40. And my amps
  6. hank2000

    Over filling a smoker...

    I have an MES 40. I lay them on the racks can lay them fairly close just not touching
  7. hank2000

    Over filling a smoker...

    I’ve never thought about over loading my MES ether but I only cook for three people most of the time and smoke 5 pounds of sausage at a time. So it’s never been problem but I can see that it could be a problem some. Thanks for the info
  8. hank2000

    Prime Beef Ribs on Sale Right Now

    Hmmm never thought of that. Might work. Some how I knew you would figure something out. Waiting to see how this works out
  9. hank2000

    Amnps and traeger pellets

    Traeger pellets don’t produce much smoke and really don’t burn well in the amps. I have a traeger and an Amps I use traeger pellets in my traeger for fuil to make heat and Todd pellets for smoke in my amps or my tube
  10. hank2000

    Rec Tec

    THanks. I will looking
  11. hank2000

    What's on the Menu for the Super Bowl?

    I’m thinking about a Gumbo
  12. hank2000

    Smoked turkey breast deboned

    Dang that looks good. I am going to get a boneless turkey breast and try that.
  13. hank2000

    How portable is a blackstone

    Does anyone know if the blackstone 36” folds up like the 28” does
  14. hank2000

    Hello from central Illinois!

  15. hank2000

    How portable is a blackstone

    I looked here they said they never have had them. But I’m going to look some more. Thank you
  16. hank2000

    How portable is a blackstone

    Ok sounds easy. I want one.
  17. hank2000

    How portable is a blackstone

    Thinking about a Blackstone cook top to take on vacation with us. We always have a big group that goes with us thought it would be nice to have the extra room to cook on. But I would have to put it in my gran caravan to transport it. Can they be taken apart Easly or am I just crazy to be...
  18. hank2000

    Boneless turkey breast

    Yeah only have 2 grocery stores in this little town. Walmart and a locally owned one. It’s hard to find anything. I have to drive 40 miles to go to a good grocery store I make the trip once a month
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