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  1. pm0084

    Pulled Pork ...cheated a bit...but it was great

    Nice to see that using store bought rub is not frowned upon. I have to agree though that the Ball Park bag may be pushing it a bit far into the cheat zone.
  2. pm0084

    Pulled Pork ...cheated a bit...but it was great

    Ok...so the wife wanted some pulled pork for dinner and I needed some to take to work for lunches this week...so off to Walmart. Started with a nice trimed 8.5 pound butt. Gave it the rub down...which is where I cheated. I was feeling a bit rub mixing lazy...so I did the unthinkable...bought...
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  7. pm0084

    12 pound Turkey

    Wife picked up a 12 pound butterball for me to smoke for Christmas...so another bird will be forth coming.
  8. pm0084

    Loaf of Smoked Meat...AKA Meatloaf

    I will be watching for the first attempt.
  9. pm0084

    First try at a turkey - issues with time

    I recently did a 12 pound turkey, and it took just a tad over the 4 hour mark to reach 162. The bird was thawed in the refrigerator 2 days and then submerged in the sink with water for over 24 hours. The bird was completely thawed when ready for cooking. I would have to agree with other...
  10. pm0084

    12 pound Turkey

    A bit late, but we decided to smoke a small turkey as a test. Started with a 12 pound turkey 6% solution. No brining for this bird just a generous lather of butter and herb rub above and below the skin. Smoked at 230 with maple for about 4 hours. Then upped to 275 for about 30 min to crisp...
  11. 12 pound Turkey

    12 pound Turkey

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  14. pm0084

    Loaf of Smoked Meat...AKA Meatloaf

    This meatloaf was definitely a hit...I have been getting numerous requests to make it again ASAP by the family.
  15. pm0084

    Yep...it's a brisket

    Thanks...definitely learned a bit on this one...I can tell you one thing though ....leftovers sure were good on my sandwich today.
  16. pm0084

    Loaf of Smoked Meat...AKA Meatloaf

    Definitely adds another dimension to the meat loaf.
  17. pm0084

    Yep...it's a brisket

    Well after some trials with this brisket...I have a finished product. Though it was not super juicy, it was fall apart tender. Probably a bit overcooked honestly. I believe my first temps may have been right, just with high wind and 24 degree weather it must have cooled my meat off very...
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  19. pm0084

    Yep...it's a brisket

    Ran 2 new probes...just in case :) Got 165 and 158 in thinnest and thickest parts. Must have been a bad stick the first time around :( So I rewrapped and shall wait longer. Hope I did not do any damage wrapping earlier the first time....coupled with the wrap and rewrap evolutions.
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