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  1. pabeef

    50% OFF Discount for Inkbird Vacuum Sealer ---$27.49

    Please send the code if you have any left and thank you for the support of this site
  2. pabeef

    Favorite meat to smoke?

    Boneless leg of lamb fresh off the farm
  3. pabeef

    Just finished 250 gal. Reverse flow

    Nice job and enjoy your time with it
  4. pabeef

    New trailer build 2 Rf smokers

    Thank you spud the great and smokin peach I’m very happy so far I have done 2 cooks so far temps are with in 10 degrees front to back pulled pork and chicken turned out great. The FB is 30x30x21.5 made out of 3/8 steel it is a full 8” stack . The 21.5 height of the FB is because that was what...
  5. pabeef

    GIVEAWAY for Inkbird Newest Sous-Vide Vacuum Sealer Machine INK-VS01

    Please put me in and thanks for the chance
  6. pabeef

    2nd run at rack of lamb

    They look great
  7. pabeef

    New trailer build 2 Rf smokers

    Build update We have busy this week trying to finish the first smoker so here are a few pic of the build and the semi finished still needs some tweaking and paint. Cooking today and tomorrow for my friend Marks son’s grad party tomorrow today case of pork butts and a case of chicken tomorrow...
  8. pabeef


    Looks great Al was the brisket already smoked or was it fresh?
  9. pabeef

    50% Coupon for Inkbird Waterproof Instant Read Thermometer-$12.50

    Thanks for the opportunity to try your product please send me the code Thank you
  10. pabeef

    New trailer build 2 Rf smokers

    Well Covid has made me even crazy So here’s my plan: I’m going to build a catering/ competition trailer that I may someday do concessions out of. This is not my first build and I have access to my friends welding shop. I have been gathering parts over the last few years but I’m going to start...
  11. pabeef

    Smoked Lamb Shank on Bulgur

    Hey Titch great looking shanks, what did you use for seasoning I cannot make out the bottle. I need to make some my bride was nagging me about the shanks in the freezer she was cleaning to make room for a beef we raised. We raise lambs and normally put 2 or 3 in the freezer each year. forktender...
  12. pabeef


    That looks great may have to try with boneless legs for manorial day with family and friends
  13. pabeef

    After the smoke recipes

    Sorry I’m late to the post, but I have made P P with sauerkraut in the crockpot to heat it up. Mom use to make it with pork stake but the smoke from the PP makes it even better
  14. pabeef

    My butcher is messing with me.

    Nice job, lamb is a favorite of our family partially because we raise sheep and they taste good . Keep up the good work and thanks for the pictures PABEEF
  15. pabeef

    My butcher is messing with me.

    If you haven't picked a wood yet I like the combo of red oak and cherry. The others have you covered on the seasoning. Some people like lamb with a little mint jelly a On the side. Good luck and send photos. PABEEF
  16. pabeef

    Reverse flow plate thickness

    Well i bought the 3/8 plate for $.20 a pound so it was a good deal. I plan to use it for the fire box and am thinking I will go with 1/4" for the reverse flow plate from the suggestion on here .So now I should have enough extra for another fire box. If I can find another tank i might put a...
  17. pabeef

    Reverse flow plate thickness

    Thanks for the quick response Dave. It will be trailer mounted I'm to old to be putting a smoker in the back of the truck anymore. I figure 3/8 is over kill but wondering if the thermal mass is worth it's weight. There's a bunch of 3/8 plate on a online auction that is reasonable right now...
  18. pabeef

    Reverse flow plate thickness

    Hey everyone I'm in the process of gatherings part/supplies for a new reverse flow rig. So far I have a 200 gallon air tank in the yard. Now looking at steel for the fire box and reverse flow plate. I have an opertuity to get some 3/8 steel plate Planing the 3/8 for the fire box. My question...
  19. pabeef

    Help is needed

    Biggest question should be how big your batches will be? Most commercial season packaging are for 25 pounds of meat and that is about as much as you want to mix by hand. At work we have a 40 pounds hydraulic and a 100 pound water stuffer mostly use the 40 pounder for sausage. Our minimum...
  20. pabeef

    Where do you get your lamb

    I'm on the other boat we have raised lambs for years And now at least 3 go in the freezer ever year. You probably won't see a lot of fresh lamb @ the butcher shop because they don't sell it fast enough to keep it fresh. My best suggestion would be to find a producer in your area and get a...
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