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  1. smoker808

    Seafood Sausage

    Aloha Leah I am planning on trying to make some octopus sausage in the near future will let you know how it turns out. Here's a pic of my brother with a few He'e we got on a short dive we did recently. Sorry for the sideways pic but it wasn't allowing me to rotate it LOL!!! You would love...
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  3. smoker808

    Seafood Sausage

    Aloha Leah Thanks for the compliments.  I am sure youd love it, the trick is keeping it moist and juicy. I used Lup Cheong its a chinese sausage for the fat so it wouldn't dry out. We normally stuff the Uhu and Pulehu it on the grill it comes out great. I dont spearfish as much as I used to but...
  4. smoker808

    Seafood Sausage

    Aloha Ed, Ive done it before although with a different recipe and it comes out great. I prefer chunky sausage so I do a course grind but have done it with a fine grind as well for others and it comes out great. I don't have pics of the pork hash sausage but here's a pic of some Uhu (parrotfish)...
  5. Seafood Sausage

    Seafood Sausage

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  7. smoker808

    Teri Chicken

    Aloha Flash Yeah we eat alot of teriyaki!!!  Thats a funny story you got there bout your wife. I find it funny that some folks wont eat things if they know about it but if not they will devour it at times cracks me up. I get that from some family members all the time. Some dont like to eat wild...
  8. Teri Chicken

    Teri Chicken

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  10. smoker808

    Teri Chicken

    Aloha Gang, Well Its a little behind schedule but I got Q-View going so I can post some pics of smokes past LOL! Below is a pic of some chicken we smoked for a family get together it was marinated in some local style Teriyaki Sauce which is pretty common in Hawaii. Hope you enjoy! It was...
  11. smoker808

    Smoked Ahi Tuna & Vegetables!

    Aloha leah, Gotta Love It!!!!  That looks great your dishes are so nicely done LOL!!!  We love Ahi and eat a lot of it mostly raw. We smoke a bunch of marlin when we get some but eat that raw as well. Again I love your post keep it up!!! Aloha, Dom 
  12. smoker808

    Where can I get this part for my grinder?

    Howzit Old Poi Dog Glad you were able to find a way to replace your bearing for your grinder.  I was Maui couple weeks ago Hunting and had some Portuguese sausage from a guy who's last name was Bothelo I believe. The sausage was very good and tasty!  I'm with you always trying to improve upon...
  13. smoker808

    Hello from Honolulu!

    Aloha Justin, Are you stationed at Hickam? Awesome folks here and very very helpful indeed!  Glad youre enjoying our weather here. Aloha and Great Smoking Dom
  14. smoker808

    Smoked Octopus "Super Quickie" Saturday Lunch!

    Man Leah,  That looks great I bet it taste wonderful the waters kinda rough and dirty right now so havent gone diving in a few weeks. But I think im gonna have to jump in and get some to smoke here soon LOL!! Aloha and keep up the great grillin' n smokin' Dom
  15. smoker808

    Smoked Swordfish & Grilled Swordfish! (Double the fun)!

    Aloha Leah, Looks great and tasty!!! I may try smoking some Fish Steaks one day the only one's I do is Salmon. The Marlin and Ahi is usually done in strips like the pic I sent you. And I do reef fish as sausage just a little trial and error has turned out pretty good surprised myself with that...
  16. smoker808


    Thanks for bringing this to the top brother I'm gonna try this one day at a family get together as there's always Oysters on the grill. Smoked should be an awesome addition. Im wondering about the 30-40 hours myself so let us know how it turned out.
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  19. smoker808

    Boudin, The Cajun Burito!

    Yes we do, but sadly the younger generations aren't as interested these days in learning how to do these things. I'm not saying all but a lot of them are more interested in other things. I'm just hoping to keep what I learned alive and hopefully pass it on to whomever cares to learn.  LOL!!! Who...
  20. smoker808

    My first kielbasa! Thanks to Couger78, Shannon127, and Chef Jimmy J

    Aloha Chef, I agree!  We prefer our sausage chunky LOL! for exactly the reason you mention when cooked the fat melts and the sausage looks lean but its juicy! The portuguese sausage we make uses a 1/2" grinder plate. I love the look of Clarissa's Kielbasa and will be trying it very soon...
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