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  1. white cloud

    A step by step jerky recipe. Part One

    Step by step jerky recipe Well this is how I do it anyway. Sorry the pics seem alittle fuzzy, I don't know what caused it and by the time I discovered it , it was to late to re do. But good enough to get the point. The Fruits of my Loin This is a step by step of how I dry cure and smoke my...
  2. white cloud

    The 1st BBQ Comp I ever observed in Flushing MI

    All summer I have been wanting to check out a BBQ Comp but just never seemed to make it to any until this last Sat. Got up at 5 am and it was a cold and frosty 33 degrees outside. I was to hook up with RichT and a bud of his in the town of lapeer which is about 40 mins. from here around 7 am and...
  3. white cloud

    Happy Birthday Gorillagrilla

    Happy Birthday Gorillagrilla. I seen on Ronalds B-Day post it was also yours.
  4. white cloud

    Deer Ham Pics

    As some of you know A friend gave me a hind leg from a doe he had takin just over a week ago. I had dry cured it only 1 week with the correct amount of Tender Quick and an equal amount of Brown Sugar and had injected some of the cure mixture as well dissolved in water. When we were allowed to...
  5. white cloud

    Deer Ham........ Brine or Dry?

    Well my neighbor shot a doe yesterday. There is a 5 day doe only hunt goin on here. Well he gave me a hind leg which weighs 9 1/2 pounds and I am guess the bone to be maybe 2 1/2 pounds. I have seen deer ham kits but I have what I need to cure it. In Ryteks book he recommends a brine and pump...
  6. white cloud

    Crabby Wife

    This is sorta lame but kindda funny. The Crabby Wife The day after his wife disappeared in a kayaking accident, an Anchorage man answered his door to find two grim-faced Alaska State Troopers. 'We're sorry Mr. Wilkens, but we have some information about your wife,'said one trooper. 'Tell...
  7. white cloud

    Yippeee I hit 1000

    Been on this forum for a year and a half a now hit 1000 posts. THANKS SMF I have enjoyed and learned every step of the way
  8. white cloud

    Happy Birthday Walking Dude

    I just want to wish Steve, ( Walking Dude ) a Happy Birthday which really isn't untill tomorrow the 15th. But ya never know when the puter may act up. Happy Birthday Buddy
  9. white cloud

    SMF Q View Calander

    I had sent this to Jeff about a month ago but never got a response. I thought it was cool idea at the time espeacilly for some of us that can't smoke a whole lot in the winter months. What do you all think? Private Message: SMF CalanderRecipients: TulsaJeff 08-09-2008, 12:53 PM White...
  10. white cloud

    Knight of the thick black smoke/ Footprints in the soot. Watch your dehydraters

    Well I cleaned a nice mess of red Japs along with some Serranos and put them in my dehydrater at about noon Sat.. I put it all on a wooden chair in our less than two year old ATTACHED garage ( which we will be making the final payment next week). My mother in law was spending the night and my...
  11. white cloud

    Which TBS ?

    The other day I messed up my back and spent most of the day watching TV or coming on this forum. It was funny while watching tv, I was flippin through the channels MTV, VH1, HIST, Disc, and then came TBS In my mind I thought oh great this will be good lol. Somehow I had blocked Turner...
  12. white cloud

    Who sayy's catfish are bottom feeders. ( and some gills to )

    Well I have been really trying to snap a pic a my catfish when they come up to feed, but never seem to get a good one. Every night around 7:30 I take a coffee can full of pond fish food out and feed these guys, but soon the tables will turn and they will be feeding me. The cats, only two left...
  13. white cloud

    Anyone Wanna Neck...wink wink ( Yard Shrimp)

    Last Thursday while at my weekly horseshoe night out, was talkin to a guy about smokin meat. He said he just picked up about 40 Chicken Necks from his in laws who raise and slaughter chickens and wondered if I could smoke some. I said yeah: and gave him a brine recipe. He brought them by this...
  14. white cloud

    Speed Brisket

    Well I found a nice brisket at wallyworld on friday night, It weighed 12.72 pounds and cost $1.72 per pound so it came to $21.88. I planned on a sunday smoke, so called a couple friends to see if they wanted to throw anything on since I was fireing it up. So they ended up bringing 2 doz, Brats...
  15. white cloud

    Wieners, Frankfurters, Hot Dogs

    No I'm not selling. I was just thumbing through a book I had recieved as a gift from my dad back in 1993, I hear it mentioned on the forum often, ( Great Sausage Recipes and Meat Curing by Rytec Kutas ) Anyway I have always wanted to try making hot dogs, I have made a variety of other sausage...
  16. white cloud

    Yesterdays Smoke with an ABT stuffed fatty

    Well I didn't have any work on thursday so enjoyed a day of smokin. I smoked brined bone in chicken breasts, a 2 1/2 pound beef rump roast. 1 slab of spares, some abt's because they all wouldn't fit in my fatty. I was shootin for a 4 section abt stuffed fatty with 12 abts in all, but had to...
  17. white cloud

    A tip on removing the capsicum in hot peppers off your hands

    Now I don't normally wear gloves when cleaning hot peppers because it don't bother my hands, just other body parts that my hands WILL come in contact with. My sister from Mississippi called the other day and was begging me for some remedy to relieve her burning hands after cleaning hot peppers...
  18. white cloud

    Smoked Pork Rinds are Good Eats

    Over a year ago I had posted a smoked tuna loaf with no pics and was going to make another one here soon with pics. Well I could not find my recipe and did a google for tuna loaf recipes, there are alot of them, but one recipe which is an atkins diet recipe replaced the usual breads crumbs with...
  19. white cloud

    Pre Fathers day Smoke ( shoulda got more meat)

    Well went to Meijers friday night to shop for groceries, and really needed to get some lump and a chunk of meat to smoke. I didn't really like what they had to offer pork wise so looked at the beef section. You just dont see brisket in the stores around here and the chuck roast didn't look good...
  20. white cloud

    A tastey alternative to chicken and dumplings

    Well after our brief power outage and some generator problems I had a few partially thawed items in the freezer. I had the last pack of smoked turkey and some pierogies ( Mashed potatoe and chedder ). Well I decided to create something as usual. My wife says the turkey is a bit on the chewy side...
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