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  1. muralboy

    Seeing all those long time members no longer posting makes you wonder.

    I'm right there with many of you. Life throws you some curve balls and your priorities go into a different direction.
  2. muralboy

    Christmas came early - 24" Smoke Vault

    Hi everyone, It's been awhile since I've been on the forum. Hope all is doing well I found myself an earlier Christmas gift on Craigslist - $45, and she's in really great. Natural gas conversion already done. Looking forward to this being a part of my smoking arsenal. Plan on inaugurating...
  3. muralboy

    Meater - Wireless Meat Probe

    Hi Everyone.  It's been awhile since I've been able to join in the fun here.  I missed you all.  Hope all is well. I received my Meater last week.  Been on the road so haven't had a chance to try it out.  Planning on doing a pork loin this weekend, so that will be the maiden voyage.   I'm sure...
  4. muralboy

    roll call on brands of pellet grill

    Congrats - you gonna love it.  I've had the powder coat version for a little over a year now and am amaze at all the things I've been able to smoke and grill.
  5. muralboy

    New to pellet grills/smokers

    Welcome to SMF - formerly from NW Iowa.  Lots of good people and ideas here.   You gonna love pellet smoking.  Had mine for a little over a year and have done so many things with it.  
  6. muralboy


    Great looking meal Al.  I would say that was a fair trade.
  7. muralboy

    New To Smoking!

    welcome to SMF - 
  8. muralboy

    Simple Salmon Says ...

    Great looking fish Disco.  Many times KISS is the better way to go.  
  9. muralboy

    Brisket Failure to Success!

    way to keep at it.  looks good.
  10. muralboy

    New To the Forum

    Hey Panda. Welcome to SMF from the NW burbs of Cicago. Those are some great looking smokes. A get together sounds like a great idea.
  11. muralboy


    Welcome to SMF. Look around the boards. Plenty of good ideas. I like a low, slow cook without wrapping, running the smoker at around 160 for about 4-5 hrs or until the ribs pass the bend test.
  12. muralboy

    Hi newbe here

    Welcome to SMF.  Great place to share ideas and ask for some guidance.  Can't wait to see your cooks
  13. muralboy

    New member from Illinois, just outside of Chicago

    Welcome to SMF from the NW burbs of Chicago.  
  14. muralboy

    Best pellet smoker for newbie

    I agree - very cold temps at that.  In warmer weather the thermal blanket can retain too much heat in essence reducing the pellet flow to a point where the smoke flow is interrupted.  An exception to this is that there are "smoke modes" where the pellet feed is based on time rather than temp...
  15. muralboy

    Sausage, Pepper and Onions.

    Looks dang good!
  16. muralboy

    Howdy from Northern Illinois

    Welcome Baba. Also from IL (NW burbs of Chicago). Lots of good people here. Look forward to seeing your cooks
  17. muralboy

    Best pellet smoker for newbie

    Get ready for a flood of answers - and they all will be right. In the end, just about any pellet smoker is good for a newbie. I have a PelletPro from Smoke Daddy. Had it for a little over a year and I love what I can do with it. Well built. Excellent value. Does a great job of smoking and grilling
  18. muralboy

    I'll be gone for most of the summer

    That's a tough turn in the road. Stay safe and keep your eyes open.
  19. muralboy

    Got a belly from my Grandson, SO I MADE BACON , steps & q-view galore

    N Be sure to wear some clothes when frying it up - those grease splatters can be painful
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