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  1. mrbeef

    Beef Short Rib Rack

    Looks good enough to eat! I will be over shortly lol. Awesome job!
  2. mrbeef

    Pink salt amount question

    Thanks everyone. The reason i asked is i was gonna give some away and to make it easier for them use 1 tsp even if its under 5lbs of meat. Sounds like i should tell him to be more precise in all the weights.
  3. mrbeef

    Pink salt amount question

    My prague #1 salt says 1 teaspoon per 5lbs of meat. If i have 3 lbs can i still use 1 tsp? If i have 7lbs can i use 2 tsp? I guess what im asking is if i put more then what the directions say is that ok or doest it have to be correct amount no matter how many pounds?
  4. mrbeef

    Venison Triple Threat... Meatloaf, Armadillo Eggs, and a Fatty

    Making me hungry! You were a busy man!
  5. mrbeef

    Pellet smoker brand

    Thanks everyone. I guess i need to look at a couple different brands. I have a little while to make a decision. Thanks again!
  6. mrbeef

    Pellet smoker brand

    I know the treager has a very good following but with it being made in china it could cause issues if something happend to it.
  7. mrbeef

    Pellet smoker brand

    Thanks! Well he has never owned a grill or a smoker so i was gonna get him the weber 22 and the treager with all the accessories to get started. I was looking around the $1500 mark. Im afraid with all this covid going on anything made in china could present a problem if one arises. So that made...
  8. mrbeef

    Pellet smoker brand

    Thanks! I will look into that.
  9. mrbeef

    Grilled Deerburgers. (Various ways)

    Looks great! Just got my 2 deer tags. Hopefully i can restock my freezer this fall.
  10. mrbeef

    Pellet smoker brand

    I would like to get my brother a pellet smoker for a wedding and house warming gift. I was thinking of the treager pro 34 or the new pro 780. He dosent need the wifi though. Im afraid that since its made in china he wont get parts or have warranty issues. What do you folks think? I have a ys640...
  11. mrbeef

    ys640 grill grates

    Howdy red. Yea, I said what the hell and ordered them with my ys640 this morning. I'm like a kid in a candy store right now! I hate the waiting game.
  12. mrbeef

    Jeff's Game Day Brisket

    Don't give up. Anyone that smokes brisket knows it can be difficult. I've over cooked more then I've cooked perfect. I've got most of my briskets from Walmart aswell and gonna try other places now. Keep up the good work!
  13. mrbeef

    ys640 grill grates

    I'm really thinking of ordering the ys640 and was curious how well it grills without the grill grates. I'm just trying to save money on unnecessary upgrades. If there's anything else anyone recommends for upgrades I'd love to hear it or anything else that's unnecessary. Thanks.
  14. mrbeef

    Brisket slicing question

    Sorry maybe I wasn't clear on what I was trying to say. I have smoked probably 6 briskets and when it's done I separate the flat and point then make burnt ends out of the point. But I have seen alot of youtube videos even Aaron Franklins videos and he just slices the flat then cuts the point in...
  15. mrbeef

    Brisket slicing question

    I'm curious to why some people slice their brisket two different ways and if there is a reason to do so and if it matters. I've seen some separate the flat and point by sliding a knife in and completely separating the two and I also seen where people slice the flat then turn the point 90 degrees...
  16. mrbeef

    Brisket at the Duke cave

    Damn! I just ate and now I'm hungry! That bark looks great! Excellent job! Thumbs Up
  17. mrbeef

    Yoder YS640 1st Brisket

    That sounds awesome. I didn't know they could get that a hot. Thanks for the reply.
  18. mrbeef

    Yoder YS640 1st Brisket

    Wow, that looks good. My next cook is gonna be brisket on my WSM. I thought about getting a yoder for my dad. Sure sounds and looks like it smokes very well but how does it grill?
  19. mrbeef

    First Pork Butt on MES 30

    Looks awesome! Great job.
  20. mrbeef

    smoking pork butt (q view)

    Thanks! Here's the finished product!
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