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  1. jdr37

    Pellet tube problem

    I have a 12" pellet tube and Traeger hickory pellets that I'm using in my 4 burner gas grill, using one burner with temp at 225 to 240. I keep the tube away from the burner being used so as not to "overheat" it but I can only get about 2 hours of smoke time from the 12" tube. And not a lot of...
  2. jdr37

    Smoke or Grill link italian sausage

    In that the link sausage has a sheath, does it absorb enough smoke to make any difference between smoking and grilling?
  3. jdr37

    Chuck Pot Roast

    The wife and I love Chuck Roast, both smoked and as a pot roast. However my wife now has trouble chewing the average chuck roast, however cooked. I have a small chuck (1-3/4 lbs) that I want to make a pot roast with veggies, on stove top in a large covered skillet.. This roast is 1/2 of a...
  4. jdr37

    Smoked Cuuck, My Way

    A couple of years ago I read posts about smoking chuck roast. My wife said "that won't be any good   --   the only way to fix chuck is in the crock pot with veggies. Well, I tried it any way and ever since, smoked is the ONLY way we eat chuck roast!! After almost 60 years I finally got one up on...
  5. jdr37

    Small picnic ham

    Hey all, I picked up a small ( 5 lb.) fresh 1/2 picnic that I would like to do something with other than just having a smoked pork roast but I don't want to spend days waiting  --  I'd just like to have something that tastes like HAM.  Any ideas on what I might do cutting it in to smaller...
  6. jdr37

    Chuck Roast

    I'm gettin' ready to smoke another chuck and I've got a couple of questions: 1) Opinions about which is best, bone-in or boneless 2) I've always put mine on a grate in a pan with broth under it (un-wrapped) and then at about 140 sealed the pan with foil, put it in the oven and took it up to...
  7. jdr37

    My Best Smoked Turkey Ever

    Yesterday I was reading some of the threads about how to keep the breast moist and tender while getting the thigh joint done, including the idea of breast side down. So I conjured up the following process: 1) The bird was 11 pounds which I brined overnight. 2) This AM I patted it dry, rubbed...
  8. jdr37

    High temp wood burns fix

    I have a GOSM which I generally love, EXCEPT that when I smoke a big load, like I did today (two 13.5 lb turkeys) I can't get the temp up where I need it (above 225) without the wood burning. I am going to figure out a mod to go to 275 - 300 and be able to keep the smoke. Has anyone already...
  9. jdr37

    Type of Oak for smoking

    Jeff says use oak wood as a base and add other as you prefer. I have always been told that oak is too "stringent" for smoking and have always used hickory and/or apple. Can some one claify this for me? I live in Florida and there are two basic types of oak here. 1) Scrub or blackjack (which I...
  10. jdr37

    Spare Rib Tips and Skirt

    I just bought a couple of racks that I'm gonna do Sat. I had the butcher cut of the skirt and tips so I've basically got St. Louis Style. My question is what to do with the tips and skirt -- has anybody got a suggestion that might be better than just smokin' them along with the ribs?? Thanks
  11. jdr37

    17-1/2 hour butt

    Sorry, no Q, BTBB (but the best butt) ever I tasted! Thanks to the shared knowledge of the great folks on this forum!!! Rubbed the 9 pounder (after smearing with mustard) about noon Sat., took it out of fridge 'bout 9:30 PM, put it on the GOSM at midnight, got up every two hours to check wood...
  12. jdr37

    Butt Question

    For you Pulled Gurus: I've got a 9 pounder to smoke for pulled, but am gonna be really pressed for time. Would cutting it in half and smoking as two pieces affect the flavor/texture/tenderness? How much fat should be trimmed off? Thanks, jdr37 in Florida
  13. jdr37

    First Time Fatty

    Well, today I jumped in there and did it -- two fatties at one time, the first I've ever tried (hadn't even heard of them until I met you guys a few days ago!). One was a Mexican, but since there ain't no Choroizo sausage chubs around here to be had I had to make my own (found a recipe on...
  14. jdr37

    Old "Smoker" trying new stuff

    Hello to all -- great forum! Just to clarify, just smokin' meat now, not my lungs after lung and throat cancer!!. I'm retired, live in East Central Florida south of Daytona Beach so I grill and smoke all year, probably on average three times or so a week. Have been smokin mostly "roasts", pork...
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