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  1. more ice

    Smoked Salmon, Teriyaki Garlic Salmon on the Smoker

    Long time member, Just made a video hope you all like it. The fish was the easy part the video editing wasn't. Anyway my 1st of many so subscribe if you all like. hope i can do one a week having fun with it.  My youtube screen name is  "SeriouslySon"  no spaces.            
  2. more ice

    Block PARTY!

    Who is up. 1:52am start.. 3 briskets and 2 bone in pork shoulders. Today's agenda, Block party and my sons birthday. Doing it big time. Bounce house and water slide combo will be here at 10am. Q view to come when the the sun rises and wakes up the non BBQing folks. 
  3. more ice

    Beef price is getting stupid .

    OK people. Whats going on in beef land? the price here in South Florida us up up up. Restaurant depot is (WAS) our cheapest place to buy meet. Hints the name it is a member only buy bulk cheap place to get the goods. Beef  Brisket a few months ago was 2.60 - 2.89lb.  for the best cut available...
  4. more ice

    3:45am Start

     Well boys and girls here we go again. Two 13lb briskets and a two pack of shoulders bone in 18lb total pork. Almost ready to put meat on.... Gona Be SWEET.. 
  5. more ice

    Help from my Pork people.

    OK im cooking 3 pork loins 3 ways. I need help with one, I want to do one Cuban pork style. I have done similar things befor but not quite like this I want to do one loin as follows . Give it a good dry rub with Spanish seasonings and oil and let set over night. I will cook on smoker in...
  6. more ice

    Hi temp Brisket.

    Anyone cook brisket at a higher temp than normal 225-250 deg?  Who cooks at 300-350 deg? Do you split the point and flat and cook separate? Maby keep whole and foil entire cook?(that would suck no smokey flavor?) Reason for asking Myron mixon cooks at 350 i think, saw a pitmasters episode and...
  7. more ice

    All night SMOKE

    Yesterday Today Brisket 10.5 lb and 13 lb ...3 racks of baby backs. not my choice i like spares personally. Meat on at 7 pm.
  8. more ice

    Q view from Saturday

    First run at Jerkey
  9. more ice


    Its Soooo nice only cooking 2 of the 3 briskets on the right.11 1/2 lb and a 10 lb  Im also cooking both pork shoulders in the one bag on left side. 16lb total pork up and fire started at 245am and 77 deg. gona be a hot day.
  10. more ice

    Q View South FL

    8am Meat on 10lb brisket 20lb pork bone in 8lb spares (3 racks)
  11. more ice

    Myron's Book

    I just got Myron Mixon's book so far its great. Im bout 15 pages in and its made me laugh a few times already. Up until bout the last hour I thought he was " the most arrogant  man in Bbq". I also read an old post on here where  S.M.F member Tyrotrain said he is a great guy ..hell i believe it...
  12. more ice

    Finally signed on

    Here we go. My name is Frank. I live in South Florida. Im 31 I love smoked food (Obviously) I have been smoking food for a few years now, not sure how long but i bought Paul Kirk's book(Championship BBQ) in May 05. So im guessing i tried smoking various meats a few times prior to the book...
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