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  1. shaneholz

    Cutting boards and tables

    I don't know where to put this so I'm putting it here.............I hate the new site...........what was wrong with what we had????????
  2. shaneholz

    fattie help

    How much bacon does it take to do a bacon weave for a fattie? I want to make 6 of them for the weekend. Could someone give me their favorite recipes for stuffing these, the easier the better. Thanks
  3. shaneholz

    long weekend

    Started the smoker saturday and it didn't cool down till sunday around 930. Just putting her through her paces and trying to figure out times and control. Everything went really smooth. These pictures were from Saturday, Sunday I did 4 pork butts, no pics, I was too tired but it all came out...
  4. shaneholz

    Well it's running

    Here are some more pics of my smoker with the s flow design. Everything seems to be working great. It is holding temp better than I thought it would. Still lots of work to do yet on the trailer, still have to install the sink and tables, deep fryers and wood box but I'm getting there. Thanks for...
  5. shaneholz

    Stack Question

    How will you know if your stack is not large enough? What will it act like or do?
  6. shaneholz

    Would this work?

    I'm in the middle of a pretty large build. I want a reverse flow but I would like to put my rib box on the opposite end of the fire box. Could I accomplish this by using 2 plates in the bottom of the main chamber so in effect the smoke and heat would be making a S shape before entering the rib...
  7. shaneholz

    More pics of new smoker

    Well all pcs should be done and ready to mount on the trailer next weekend. I'm looking forward to firing this thing up!
  8. shaneholz

    Trailer smoker build

    Well I've wanted one for awhile and just couldn't see paying the money, for one so here goes. I got a 120 gallon propane tank given to me so I'm off to the races. This will have a 24"x24" firebox with a rib box on the other end. I'm making it a reverse flow design. I'm also incorporating a...
  9. shaneholz

    Venison Pastrami

    I haven't posted in a long time but I'm looking to get back into it. It's deer season here in Michigan again so the smoker is running full force. Here is some venison Pastrami that I did over the weekend. I did a total of 14 lbs. I would have taken more pics if I knew I was going to post them...
  10. shaneholz

    Plans for a wood smoker

    I'm looking for good plans for a wood smoker. I'm quite handy with metal and would like to make a nice rig. I would like one that I could bbq chicken and steaks on with dual vertical smokers on the sides. I can make the basic design but I'm kinda wondering where to place all the dampners and...
  11. shaneholz

    Smoked Mushrooms

    This is a simple recipe that I've used alot lately. I take the fresh mushrooms and cut them into quarters, about 3 lbs. I place them in a small roasting pan and add a splash of Italian dressing some granulated garlic and some fresh ground pepper. I then cover and let sit in the fridge for at...
  12. shaneholz

    east cheese

    Cheese is very easy as long as you have a cold smoker and they are easy enough to make. The cheese you make is different than the cheese you get at the store. Usually the store bought cheese is brown in color. This means that it was just sprayed with smoke over a rack so it has the appearance of...
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