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  1. pellet play


    Hey guys/gals, just looking for input on this dilemma.
  2. pellet play

    First timer with cheese here!

    Ok, I have all my hardware in place. What is the best cheese to smoke? I like a lot of smoke in my cheese so I need one that will "take" the smoke. That said, I will be using pellets in my smoker tube, what wood should I use? Thanks for all the help!
  3. pellet play

    New Yoder 640 on the way!

    The pellet smoker is more of an indirect heat smoker. I personally own a Rec Tec pellet smoker, and the firebox is located center of the grill covered by a stainless shield going crossways over the firebox and then another stainless shield running the full length of the grill over the crossways...
  4. pellet play

    Pastrami question.........

    Even though it is a corned beef brisket do I still inject after the meat soaks? Or do I just add the seasonings to the meat and let it go? No rub? My injection that I usually use is Butchers Brisket Injection. Thanks!
  5. pellet play

    First Imperial bourbon infused porter in secondary

    Cant wait to try this porter! It was a 20lb grain bill beer for 5 gallons. The porter itself should finish around 10%abv. I just recently put it in secondary with vanilla beans and bourbon soaked oak chips. At kegging will infuse the beer with 1.5 cups of KY's finest bourbon. I cant wait!!!!!!!
  6. pellet play

    New Yoder 640 on the way!

    I really love my Rec-Tec but never compared it to a Yoder. I did compare it to a Traeger and found it built better and the reviews on it sold it. Happy Smoking!
  7. pellet play

    Tri Tip question

    Thinking of applying the rub tonight, pouring a little worcestershire and hot sauce in a vacuum bag and vacuum packing it until tomorrow. When I get it out I will apply a little more "light" rub for color and caramelization and throw it on. 
  8. pellet play

    Tri Tip question

    Gonna do a Tri Tip tomorrow, Should I use the Green Egg or the Rec Tec pellet smoker? Both have their advantages. Just wondered which one would be the best option. I guess I could smoke it on the pellet until I reach an internal of 120* and then finish it to 135* and put a nice sear on it with...
  9. pellet play

    Hello from KY!

    Hello,I am a 10yr veteran of smoking meat. I started with a Char Broil offset and now I have a egg and a Rec Tec pellet smoker. Glad to be in here with a heaping helping of experience!
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