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  1. bucktailer

    question about smoking baby back ribs and a boneless shoulder butt

    As far as the shoulder goes just cut it in half.  I actually prefer to do the boneless version of the shoulder, seems to cook a bit faster for me.  I tend to cook at around 250 and by 8 hours my shoulders are fall apart done.  I am cooking on a stick burner though.  3-2-1 method for the ribs and...
  2. bucktailer

    Tough chicken skin

    Thanks for all the replys guys.  I will try these ideas next time.
  3. bucktailer

    Tough chicken skin

    SOunds really good AL.  Thanks for the replys.  SO you think that the skin gets too dry by cooking it at a lower temp?  The skin last smoke was definately not dry of moisture, how does the water make the skin tough?  I will try keeping it real dry next time.  ANy other pointers?  Thanks
  4. bucktailer

    Tough chicken skin

    Well I have been smoking a ton on the 84 deluxe lately.  Ribs and shoulder are coming out fantastic.  The smoker is just so easy to use.  Burns about 10-15 splits of wood for about a 8 hour cook, pretty efficient for its size.  Anyway, I have been having trouble with my chicken.  I have been...
  5. bucktailer

    Sweet and tangy sauce

    Thanks alot sqwib!
  6. bucktailer

    Attn: All Lang owners and the rest of the SMF world!

    I've got an 84 deluxe.  Acutally just seasoned the thing today.  I have to say that this thing works like a charm.  Got it up to 425 in about 45 minutes and then settled in back down to 235-250.  Once its hot it stays hot.  From front to back it was only reading 5 degrees difference after the...
  7. bucktailer

    Ribs & Fries with QView! Tasty!

    Burn-it, Those finished ribs have an real nice color.  you mind sharing your rub recipe?  
  8. bucktailer

    Going to pick up my new Lang!

    I 'm back.  Everything went well on the trip down there.   Took us about 11.5 hours on the way down and 14 on the way back.  Hit alot of traffic on the way back.  The smoker is awesome.  Really well built and it trailered perfectly.  The wheels and tires on this thing are really nice and the...
  9. bucktailer

    Going to pick up my new Lang!

    Thanks for the good words guys.  
  10. bucktailer

    Going to pick up my new Lang!

    Hey guys.  Making the long trip down to GA starting tonight to pick up my new 84deluxe!  I am psyched and ready to start doing alot of queing!  I should be back by friday night so I will try to post some picks of the new rig shortly there after.  It will be a long trip but I can't wait!
  11. bucktailer

    Jerky smoker for deer processor

    Thanks Mossymo, I actually was just looking into them.  I think they would fit the bill perfectly.  Looks like a really easy unit to use.  Thanks again.
  12. bucktailer

    Jerky smoker for deer processor

    Thanks for the input guys.  He already knows that it would be a big unit, I just counldn't come up with any manufacturers that would suit him best.  Does anyone know of any gas or electric units of this size?  Thanks
  13. bucktailer

    Jerky smoker for deer processor

    Hey guys.  Got a question.  My buddy is in the deer processing business during the fall and he has a need to upgrade his small electric smoker to something larger. Most of his customers want jerky and his small smoker is not up to the task.  He had mentioned that he would like to find one that...
  14. bucktailer

    Final Smoked Salmon with recipe, instructions, and Qview

    Great Job!  That fish looks great.  I use about the same method for brining.  I am going to try the overnight in the fridge method though to form the pellicle.  Thanks for the pics!
  15. bucktailer

    Making My 1st Pastrami (QView)

    Thats looks awesome.  Great job and thanks for the tutorial.  
  16. bucktailer

    Sweet and tangy sauce

    Hey guys.  I am in need of a basic sweet and tangy bbq sauce.  I love my mustard based sauces, but i have not found the perfect sweet and tangy one yet.  Any pointers or recipes that I should try? Thanks 
  17. bucktailer

    Goose Jerky

    Hey guys.  Just wondering if you could give me some pointers on what you cure or marinade your goose in.  We killed 33 geese in the last 2 days of the season.  Needless to say I have alot of meat.  I want to try to make some good jerky out of it.  Any pointers would be appreciated.  Thanks!
  18. bucktailer

    New guy and a couple of Lang questions

    Thanks pineywoods.  I am trying to weigh out whether or not to get it.  Just seems like it would be nice to have.  How is the 84 running for you?  
  19. bucktailer

    New guy from PA

    Thanks for all the replys guys.  I am in Montgomery county. Bob1961 I have a camp up in Pike county, near Lords Valley.  Do alot of hunting/fishing/trapping up there.  I am getting close to getting my lang.  Hopefully I will make the road trip down there.  I already started the ecourse and will...
  20. bucktailer

    Meadow Creek smokers?

    They are sweet cookers.  I live about 1.5 hours away from them.  There are a tad on the high side as far as price but they are definately quality built.  Alot of their units are made specifically for charcoal, so I am sure that they would be efficient.  No direct experience with them though.  
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