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  1. phillipleondria

    Roast beef q view

    Its a small chuck roast with a simple rub paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, light brown sugar, kosher salt, black pepper and its delicious
  2. phillipleondria

    Brisket Bacon question

    I was over at deejays page reading up on making Beef bacon, and noticed something her recipe is corned beef brisket then when it is smoked its brisket bacon, so my question is, could I buy corned beef brisket already brined from wally world or else where smoke it and have easy peasy brisket...
  3. phillipleondria


    Hey Guys, just posting this for everyone. Wife and I are selling Pampered Chef. There is some great stone wear for everyone to check out, some awesome utensils, prep tools, and so much more. Pampered Chef isn't just for the kitchen anymore check it out. https://www.pamperedchef.com/pws/lhale1
  4. phillipleondria

    calling all Chargriller owners

    I am putting a call out to all char griller owners, I need  few measurements from the side firebox on the offset smokers. Or anyone who has the stand alone tabletop char-griller grill, it is the same as the side firebox.
  5. phillipleondria

    Never stop believing, found this earlier

    Every day i am amazed by the fact that where there is a will there is a way.... Ifyou want to smoke, or grill bad enough you will find a way
  6. phillipleondria

    Found this at the walmart

    So i found this in the meat section today, any suggestions how to smoke it? Temp to get it to, wood to use? Thanks guys
  7. phillipleondria

    General question

    Ok guys, recently the wife oked a new smoker purchase, but on rethinking i really love the ole smoke hollow. So im going to put some of that new smoker money in making it the smoker i want rather than starting over. I know this should be over in the build thread, but i wanted more eyes on it...
  8. phillipleondria


    I just want to take some time to thank everyone on here cor helping me get started this past year. I belong to several sites similar to this one, but none live up to smoking meat forums. The lack of general concern for food safety is scary out there in the interweb. People giving advice for some...
  9. phillipleondria

    Ham question

    Ok guys, im not doing the go to the store buy a pre cooked presmoked ham for christmas this year i want to do my own. I bought a nice picnic shoulder, 10 lbs, and i know i dont have enough time to get cure and cure the ham. My question is, if i brine my shoulder in a salt, brown sugar pepper...
  10. phillipleondria

    Quick question

    Ok so i got smoke rolling, pork butt prepped, and the wife just left for work....then i realized i got no apple juice which i always use on my smokes for a quick spritz here and there, but i do have some seagrams strawberry daiquiri malt beverages, should work right? Please help guys
  11. phillipleondria

    Smoke hollow olp

    I wasnt sure where to put this but im giving a heads up to everyone thinking of getting anything smoke hollow. I have dealt with my share of companies through the years when it comes to warranty issues ,but i have never found one as easy as olp inc. Everyone knows most grills, or smokers come...
  12. phillipleondria

    Its time for the smoke to roll

    Got my brisket seperated, and rubbed down wrapped and in the fridge. Getting up early in the morning doing an all day smoke, burnt ends, and sliced brisket here i come. I really love smoking food..did i mention smokin aint easy...but it sure is fun
  13. phillipleondria

    Packer Brisket

    Is it better to seperate a packer into the point and flat then smoke it, or does it do better whole (stay juicier, more tender, then split, and make burnt ends with the point) which method is best in everyones oppinion?
  14. phillipleondria


    Anyone have a good place to order bulk spices at a good rate. I thought i saw someone post the other day about a site but i cant find any recent posts with links. Anynhelp on this would be appreciated...smokin ain't easy but it sure is fun
  15. phillipleondria

    Got the smoker fired up and made the dumbest mistake ever

    So i got a beautiful Boston Butt on the Smoker, and just for kicks i made myself a nice breakfast fatty for snacking. I really hate to waste room on my smoker, so I try to do a couple things at once just because I feel like i'm accomplishing more than I am. So anyway, I made a beautiful bacon...
  16. phillipleondria

    First smoke going down now

    Got my first smoke going now, so far so goo temps holding steading around 225. Big plump loin going and two racks of ribs, que view later good bad or just plain ugly. As they say..smokin ain't easy but it sure is fun!
  17. phillipleondria

    Thank you for advice, update on my smoker

    I settled on the smoke hollow 4 in 1. Let me start off by saying i love this combo unit. The metal is a bit thin, but as i was assembling mine i did notice some improvements over what previous posters said of their units. Before i seasoned the unit i went ahead did some mods, extended stack down...
  18. phillipleondria

    Hello all

    Hello everyone, greetings from kentucky. I have been grilling for years, but i am brand new to smoking. I love the forums here and how friendly everyone seems to be looking forward to getting to know you guys alot better, and smoking some great meat along the way.
  19. phillipleondria

    Buying my first smoker combo

    Hello everyone. I have been searching around and reading up for quite a while on grills, smokers, and the combo units of them both. I have decided for me it would be in my best bet to get one of the charcoal, gas, smoker combos to use for me and my family. I love to grill on charcoal or gas, but...
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